Small group classes.

Come and join us for our small group classes for The Holistic Core Restore® programmes, perfectly designed for women in all stages of life who want to work on core, pelvic floor and general health and fitness to increase strength and maintain it for life. These include the phase 1 foundation course; Everywoman, and the phase 2 Heat and Heavy classes and our Release workshops. Before you start there is a comprehensive screening form to ensure our programmes are suitable for you.

Mondays                                  Tuesdays                                  Thursdays                             Fridays

10.15am Everywoman             12.30pm Heat                            11.30am Heat                          12.45pm Everywoman

11.30am Heat                            1.30pm Everywoman              12.30pm Everywoman            1.45pm Heat

8.15pm Everywoman                                                                     8.30pm Heat

1-2-1 Training

Contacting a personal trainer to work with can be overwhelming, so knowing you can choose a coach that has a focus on core and pelvic floor strength is a comfort.

Before you start there is a comprehensive screening form to ensure our programmes are suitable, and we work on your goals together to combine elements of the Holistic Core Restore® programmes so you have a progressive approach to reach your goals. Coaching can be from 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks or longer based on the most suitable plan.

This can be arranged in your own home or at The Box Studio in Pocklington.  Time to be arranged between us in daytime or evenings.

Everywoman, Diastasis, Heat, Athlete 12, complete core or a combination as needed.


Athlete 12 is our newest The Holistic Core Restore® programme available online.

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Schedule a free consultation call with Biddie to find out if our programmes are the right fit for you.

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