Small group classes.

Come and join us for our small group fitness classes for The Holistic Core Restore® programmes, perfectly designed for women in all stages of life who want to work on core, pelvic floor and general health and fitness to increase strength and maintain it for life. These include the foundation course; Everywoman, and Heat and Heavy classes and our Release workshops. Before you start there is a comprehensive screening form to ensure our programmes are suitable for you.


We have our B Core Fit and B Stronger classes designed to bring you the best exercise classes with core awareness, resistance based exercise for strength and cardio exercises for fitness and general health and wellbeing. Our interval training is short bursts of full energy, with low and higher impact options for a short period of time. Enough to feel it without overworking as we continually work within classes on our posture, strength, mobility and flexibility with a true focus on your deep core and the ability of the body to move functionally and optimally.

We might work on your abdominals, both outer and deep inner core muscles, including back and pelvic floor, but this is done with complete awareness for those who might need a workout with a little TLC.

Plenty of legs, bum and tum exercises and whole body exercises designed to tone and build muscle to help stabilise the core and pelvis, with elements of stretching and rebalancing alignment and posture.

1-2-1 Training

Contacting a personal trainer to work with can be overwhelming, so knowing you can choose a coach that has a focus on core and pelvic floor strength is a comfort.

Before you start there is a comprehensive screening form to ensure our programmes are suitable, and we work on your goals together using Holistic Core Restore® programmes so you have a progressive approach to reach your goals. Coaching can be from 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 or 16 weeks or longer based on the most suitable plan.

This can be arranged in your own home or at the studio’s I work from.  Time to be arranged between us in daytime or evenings, or even online via Skype.


Work with Biddie online in our programmes including;

B SummerFit our 6 week online programme to keep us active through the summer holidays.

Athlete 12 is our powerful Holistic Core Restore® programme available online, only for those with no abdominal separation or pelvic floor or core weakness.

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman has a fabulous 6 week online follow on phase for those who have completed the programme already with new updated exercises for you to complete at your own convenience.

Our B21 Day online Programme is also delivered straight to you so you can complete the short workouts in your own time at home.

B4 Home Workout  is the progression from our 21 Day Programme where you  train over 4 weeks at a time that suits you.


10.15am Everywoman (The Box)

11.30am Heat ( The Box)

12.30pm B CoreFit ( The Box)

1.30pm Personal Training ( The Box)



8.15pm Everywoman ( The Box)



11am B40 ( The Box)


12.30pm  Personal Training ( The Box)

1.30pm Personal Training ( The Box)




8.15 pm Personal Training ( The Box)


Personal Training/ Reiki ( The Wellbeing Centre)









8pm Personal Training ( The Box)



11.30am B Core Fit ( The Box)


12.30pm B Stronger ( The Box)

1.30pm Personal Training ( The Box)




8.15pm Heat ( The Box)


10am BCoreFit ( The Wellbeing Centre)

11am Everywoman ( The Wellbeing Centre)

12.45pm Everywoman ( The Box)

1.45pm Heat ( The Box)

Saturday/ Sunday

Reiki or Personal Training by appointment from 12pm till 7pm.

The Box Health and Fitness Studio, Pocklington

Working out at The Box provides a view very few gyms can boast about overlooking the Yorkshire Wolds, surrounded by the luxurious surrounding of The KP Club Spa and forest. Ample free parking is available here, and it is only a short distance out of York city centre.  The KP, Millington Lane, Kilnwick Percy, Pocklington, YO42 1UF


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