Astrology is about discovering more about yourself and seeing the opportunities in life. Discover the secrets in your soul and use the moon as a tool to create the life you want. Make the most of each new and full moon and how it can affect you personally, depending on what your star sign or rising sign is. Peeling away the layers of your personality to understand how others see you and where you are lucky or how you could feel fulfilled in your career. The Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets don't doom us to a life we have no control over. By using them to unravel our past we can create a better future. Your Birth Chart is like a map of who we are, it gives insights into our journey in life, and can help with solutions to problems we face.

If you are reading about astrology, birth charts and rising signs, then you are already on the journey to wanting to know more because you are here right now.

The moon is thought to rule emotions, food, home, instincts, needs, nurturing, femininity, roots, safety and so much more. She triggers the planets as she travels through all 12 zodiac signs which can be used as a reminder thatthere is more to life. She can help reconnect to nature and is an ideal relief to our busy overwhelming lives.

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Your birth chart is the sky above the moment you were born and from this we can learn how other people see you, possible career choices, a look into your home and love life, what scares you and where you are lucky.

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Your rising sign or your ascendant, is the sign that was rising in the east at the moment and place you were born. This is how you come across and the zodiac sign influences this.

Here’s what you can discover;

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