B Fitness and Wellbeing offers Energy Healing treatments to help re-balance your energy and heal from within.

Energetic Healing is ideal for supporting and reboosting your energy. This can help with tiredness, lack of energy, stress and promote a general feeling of wellbeing, feeling restored and rebalanced. It helps to keep the energy flowing through your body and can promote a sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We can locate specific negative emotions and release them creating the space for more good things to flow into your life.

We have created specific Chakra Healing and Balancing practices for additional support that you might need. Read more about how this approach might be suitable for you here. We can view our Chakra system as a map that we can follow that shows us where we need to work on ourselves. Each Chakra can be thought of as a little spaces with a purpose; you cook in the kitchen, so each chakra is an energy centre with a purpose that corresponds to glands in our endocrine or physiological systems and can also provide insight to physical symptoms.

Energy Healing like Reiki or Quantum Breath is a non-intrusive therapy which is gentle enough to be safely given to babies, children, adults and animals. Reiki is suitable for any age group and all states of health. The healing energy flows into the client through the Therapist’s hands and this is what relaxes and heals.

The treatment can be carried out on a treatment couch lying down or sitting in a chair and you will remain fully clothed and currently we remain with our online healing sessions.

Looking good is also about feeling good in our bodies and our inner wellbeing.

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Reiki, Chakra balancing, Quantum Breath and Aura cleansing are all energy healing and rebalancing treatments designed to relax you for a number of days afterwards as the energy continues to flow through and around you.

Reiki may be experienced as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth or coolness. Some clients feel nothing at all. Reiki treatments affect each individual in different ways and each treatment can be different.

Results are based on the needs of the person at the time of the treatment; they will receive what they need. The recipient invites the Reiki energy by being there for the treatment. Reiki has a way of naturally flowing to the area where it is most needed and therefore every treatment will be different. Some people may even feel a slight discomfort, its fine as its something your body needs to release.

You may experience head aches, tummy upsets, aches, pains, stiffness, tingles, skin inflamations, heightened emotion or a release like crying. If some thing has been blocked for quite some time this effect will be quite noticable and further sessions needed to rebalance. These can be signs of your body just having a detox and clearing out what energy and symptoms it doesn’t need. Its a good thing. Better out than in, as my Dad says!!

Reiki is deeply relaxing and has a profoundly calming effect so some clients may drift off to sleep. The effects of Reiki may be felt for days afterwards. Reiki is cumulative so it builds up within the body’s system and the more you either treat yourself or the more treatments you have, the more you will benefit in a way which is right for you.

There is no right or wrong way to experience Reiki.

Appointments last 45 minutes, but you may wish to take some time for yourself afterwards to relax and feel the real benefits of the treatment.  

The effects of reiki can stretch for many days/weeks/months, depending on what your body does with the energy.

We are mobile (within 10 miles of Pocklington are included in the price) so you have full relaxation in your own home with no need to travel anywhere, we come to you with everything you need to lie back and relax.

Currently we are still working remotely so continuing to offer this online.

Simply click on the BOOK MY ONLINE ENERGY HEALING button below which will take you to an appointment scheduler.

Go deeper and explore more for a soul led life.

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Healing Disclaimer;

Energy Healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and use complementary healing as part of your programme of wellbeing not to replace it.

When we talk about the healing properties of crystals, oils, Astrology or affirmations to help heal, we are discussing our personal views, knowledge and research. Just because a healing property is mentioned, it does not mean you will definately experience this.

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