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Holistic Core Restore® HEAVY


In Holistic Core Restore® ‘Heavy’, we provide the gateway programming for women who want to return to or start more advanced fitness that involve running, jumping, impact and lifting weights in a heavy and dynamic fashion.

The programme is delivered by your Certified Holistic Core Restore® Coach over 6-8 weeks, progressed weekly. The advice and programming will ‘meet you exactly where you are now’ by supporting this progress with real-world solutions and support.

  • Do you want to get back running or ‘lifting heavy’ but KNOW you need to work on your foundational strength?
  • Are you a woman who wants to take her learning and fitness further without compromising her core or pelvic floor?
  • Are you a woman who loves or wants to return to running, lifting heavy or are you involved in a dynamic sport?
  • Are you an amateur or professional athlete who wants to know more about and harness the true power of her Pelvic Floor and Core and/or return to your sport safely and with deep respect for getting it right the first time and building a strong foundation from the inside out?
  • Have you experienced the odd leak when you have returned to running, lifting heavy or on your return to gym and know that that’s a sign that you need to take control of your Pelvic Health?

If you’ve answered YES to the above questions…

This is an ESSENTIAL programme for women wanting to get back to running, high impact sports and lifting weights and also for anyone who has experienced any amount of leaking when they progressed to a more dynamic level of movement.

Ultimately, your strength is built from the inside out and we can help you build a foundation that will last you a lifetime of movement.

If you feel this programme is for you, simply apply below to start our unique screening process.  It’s extensive and thorough but this ensures you get the help you deserve and need because we fully understand your health journey and what you hope to achieve. Once we agree this programme is the right fit for you, you’ll enter the world of Holistic Core Restore® through our Heavy Programme.

  • If you’re a runner, you’ll experience our UNIQUE ‘Fit To Run’ Programme which takes you right back to the basics and includes foot and ankle mobility drills, building glute strength, building single leg strength, upper body strength and of course Pelvic Floor and Core Exercise that actually help you to ‘run dry’!!!
  • If you’re into lifting heavy, again, we take you through a continuum of movements that eventually prepare you for the ‘Instagram-Worthy’ moves such as heavy deadlifts, clean and jerks and pull-ups in our UNIQUE ‘Fit to Lift’ Programme……BUT NOT BEFORE we’ve gotten your Pelvic Floor and Core back on line and in check.


Please book a consultation call with Biddie to discuss your requirements.

Please ensure that you read through the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions online and be aware that they may change occasionally as needed.

The cost of the course is non-refundable and non-transferable except by prior discussion and agreement between us.

Take a look at the Holistic Core Restore® programmes available with B Fitness and Wellbeing:


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