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Holistic Core Restore® EVERYWOMAN


Our FOUNDATION, GROUND-BREAKING 12 Week Pelvic Floor and Core Health programme. 12 weeks of education and revolutionary ‘whole body’ Pelvic Floor and Core exercise, layered with delicious nutrition and self-care guidance whatever life phase you’re in that’s been getting awesome results since 2013!

Once you’ve gone through the ‘Everywoman’ programme, ‘Heat’ is your next step and we truly take it up a notch or two with a change in music and tempo to truly get you moving but with a deep respect for your Pelvic Health. Ultimately, it can be done. You can keep both feet on the ground and still have effective fat loss!

  • Are you a woman who wants to know more about her Pelvic Floor, Core and TAKE CONTROL of her overall health?
  • Have you experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing and know that that’s a sign that you need to pay attention to your Pelvic Health?
  • Are you a woman that wants an easy to perform ANYWHERE, modern and effective way to strengthen her Core and re-establish its role as part of her whole body?
  • Do you have a small Diastasis Recti (Tummy Gap) that you want to heal?
  • Do you have ‘lower back pain’ issues that you’ve been told is due to a ‘weak Core’?
  • Do you want a better looking belly but know it’s an inside out job so need to go deeper and work smarter than just doing?
  • You need to heal, recover and return to a functioning body and you know there is more to it than a few squeezes at the traffic lights and endless crunches.
  • You may have tried different classes in your effort to tighten your tum and banish those leaky pelvic floor moments.
  • You are confused about what is appropriate exercise to do to help and regain your core strength.
  • Are you ready to prioritise this area of your health and learn essential skills to last you a lifetime?
  • You want to learn the importance of food for not only fat loss but nourishing your deep health?
  • Have you seen a clinician about a low level Prolapse and been told to ‘do your Pelvic Floor exercises’ as part of your management strategy?
  • Are you ready to learn the importance of ‘rest’ and ‘self-care’ as part of your wellness journey?

If you’ve answered YES to the above…

This is a chance to focus on you for 12 weeks. This is for women looking to improve the symptoms of the simpler end of Urinary Stress Incontinence (USI) – in simple terms, as pressure is created in your Core, your weakened Pelvic Floor muscles aren’t able to do their job of supporting your outlets, namely your urethra (where you pee from), your bladder, your vagina and your anus/rectum.  This isn’t your average lift and squeeze Pelvic Floor exercises, it is the gold standard in pelvic floor fitness. Preservation is a key focus with this programme, for life; your health, your fitness, your stress, your sanity, you feeling good in your body, family time, control, confidence and continence (because without being secure in that then the stresses it places on your life are beyond challenging), and reduced enjoyment of life.

On application to join this offering, you’ll be asked to complete our Pre-Screen to decide if this programme is right for you because our job is to ensure that you get the right help!  If you’re a good fit for this programme, your Coach will enroll you  and meet you exactly where you are now.  We support you wherever you are in your journey with real-world solutions over a time-frame that suits your needs. This programme is a mix of Functional Exercise, Supportive Nutrition, Breathwork, Alignment Work and Self-Care/Lifestyle Revision.

Then if this course is a great fit you are ready to start; you will receive your comprehensive education booklet and all the equipment and kit you will need to follow the exercise programme in sessions and at home, for now and to keep.  As well as your weekly meeting with your Coach, you are also deeply supported by the online homework that you access via our state-of-the-art homework portal where you journey through a weekly-progressed workout led by programme creator Jenny Burrell and are further supported by your Coach.  You have ETERNAL ACCESS to this portal once your programme is complete so indeed, this programme truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Are you ready to give yourself a gift that keeps on giving?

We offer this as private 1-2-1 coaching or a small group class starting Friday 29 November 2019 at 1pm.

Take a look at the Holistic Core Restore® programmes available with B Fitness and Wellbeing:


Please book a consultation call with Biddie to discuss your requirements.

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