B90 Complete Core

No more endless classes trying to get the one that works for you! No more bladder weakness and lack of confidence! Get motivated and restore your core strength. We offer a bespoke 1-2-1 package over 90 days.

All my training goes into this one and we create a bespoke package for your complete core rehab.  This is a deep level of care and restorative rehab for your core.  Movement and exercises in sessions and between sessions to do at home. I provide you with everything you need to create a stronger core with knowledge to maintain it. We work together for 16 sessions incorporating the fitness you need to do this, all the nutritional guidance and plans to make lasting changes, and give you the confidence to take back control of your life. You have my support throughout.

Discover your inner strength and transform your life with our all encompassing package.

Is this for me?

  • You want to lose weight and tone up, especially focusing on your core and pelvic floor control.
  • You don’t feel quite right and disconnected from your core feeling you lack the strength for your daily life
  • Having tried all the diets going but nothing has worked, you don’t like the idea of cutting out foods you like and life is too busy to spend it planning meals to complement your new fitness routine.
  • You struggle to keep motivated to keep exercising and eating better and feel unsure how to do reach your goals on your own
  • You want results and want them fast, and as a solution not a quick fix.
  • If you have ever experienced leaks when sneezing, coughing, running, jumping, trampolining, laughing or at any time when there is unwanted leakage, then this is the ideal foundation for you teaching you how to return safely to moving again and exercise.
  • You feel life is dominated by avoiding running, you pray you don’t pee when you sneeze and cough, you avoid skipping, star-jumps and trampolines at all costs, you know where every public loo is in your locality is….I could go on but I think you know what I mean.
  • You want to have an effective programme for healing and closing abdominal separation / tummy gap creating an excellent foundation to build from.
  • Your tummy just doesn’t feel, work or look like it did before and you know or suspect you have a gap in the midline of your abdominals called Diastasis Recti and you disconnected to your tummy and Pelvic Floor after birthing and really want to re-establish that deep connection, function and return to exercise safely, even if you birthed via C-Section, you also need information about your Pelvic Floor and your tummy.
  • If you enjoyed yoga, pilates or other low impact fitness then you will love this with the specific focus on rebuilding your core.
  • If you have never tried low impact exercises like that and usually attend sweaty tiring workouts, then you will love the variety this provides.
  • You want to tighten your tummy area or improve your pelvic floor if you have ever experienced bladder weakness, then you will love it as it’s designed to restore confidence in your core function, helping you reconnect in the area’s we worry about most, like abdominal separation, weak pelvic floor and early prolapse symptoms.
  • You want to know more about core strength, pelvic health then this functional exercise programme does just that, helps you to better understand your body and the immense role you can play in your own recovery.
  • You also need information about your pelvic floor and your tummy and how to return safely to moving again and exercise. Keeping your pelvic floor in check now will be extremely important to supporting the rest of your pelvic organs for the years to come.
  • If you have seen a specialist who confirmed you have a low level prolapse and advised you to strengthen your pelvic floor then this programme helps to create a stronger core. This programme is also for you if you’ve had clinical attention and been advised by your Gynaecologist, Physiotherapist or GP to ‘strengthen your Core or Pelvic Floor’ but have no idea where to start.
  • If you have lower back or shoulder pain and aches associated with a weak core than these will be reduced through the strengthening and release work in the programme. Discovering simple strategies to improve your posture and get yourself out of pain and discomfort.
  • You don’t want to waste money on more things that just don’t work or waste your time with more programmes that make promises you don’t seem to achieve.
  • Quite simply you just want to get  back to feeling amazing in your own skin, enjoying life and moving with strength and control and without those aches you had gotten used to.

Since 2013,  the Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman programme has helped 1000’s of women regain control of their continence, core strength and health and overall wellbeing – read what people say about this ground-breaking programme

If you think this could help then get in touch. I will send you the link to the screening and we can get started planning your transformation.

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