Common to many women post birth, or later in life diastasis recti can be described as the stretching, weakening and dysfunction of the front and sides of the abdominal muscles and includes the connective tissues and fascia of these muscles.

If you have had a baby, no matter how long ago, and you have Diastasis ( a separation of your abdominal muscles) or you feel disconnected to your core or unable to shift a mummy tummy then the Diastasis programme is the one you have been waiting for. Most women have never been told about the link between the abdominal wall, Pelvic Floor, Diastasis and how they breathe! Healing a Diastasis Recti is a WHOLE BODY ISSUE, it’s not just about exercise, it’s not just about the woman’s belly and it’s not just about the gap! It’s so much more than a few crunches and a fitness class.  Healing and returning to full function and fitness starts from within. heal your Diastasis, improve your Core function and guarantee you a better looking belly and a Pelvic Floor that does its job.

This bespoke programme will address;

  • a small diastasis
  • a feeling of disconnection or weakness with your core
  • pelvic floor weakness that may have resulted in leaking when you laugh, sneeze, lift or jump
  • a mummy tummy that you can’t seem to shift
  • if you have ‘lower back pain’ issues that you’ve been told is due to a ‘weak Core’.

Who Is This Programme For?

This is a progressive exercise programme designed for anyone worried about abdominal separation and general stomach weakness. If you are attending exercise classes already but can’t seem to lose the mummy tummy, then this is the programme for you. If you have seen a clinician about a low level Prolapse and been told to ‘do your Pelvic Floor exercises’ as part of your management strategy, then this programme will be a progressive step to returning to fitness and function.

What does it include?

  • This programme is dedicated to helping you understand what’s happened.  Knowing the Why’s and What’s matter A LOT!
  • We look at a combination of functional exercises,  healing nutrition, positive lifestyle choices and self care to address all the areas you personally need to address. This will include your bespoke exercise homework to follow between sessions.
  • We’ll have 4 sessions over roughly 8 weeks.
  • You will receive all the kit that you need in your initial consultation session and your file and client education booklet, where we will also carry out an assessment of your posture and alignment.
  • Breath pattern analysis and guidance on how to incorporate improvements.

Securing your place;

To check availability and book in for this just complete the form for a consultation and we will get back to you with the link to the screening questions.  Then we can get started on your individual programme.

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Improve your belly, rid yourself of backpain, reconnect to your Pelvic Floor so that you both FEEL and FUNCTION better. Contact us for availability for this bespoke one-to-one programme or to find out more;

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