For women who want to workout. Intense but in the right way to effectively tone up and shape the specific areas where many people accumulate body fat. As women approach 40’s and beyond, we need a different approach to exercise. Not one that punishes the body, but one that restores fitness and functionality encompassing our wellbeing.

In the class the exercises are designed to be performed with more intensity and effort but for shorter periods of time. These bursts of intensive exercise last around 45 seconds to a minute followed periods for recovery – usually around 10 -15 seconds.

Quickly appreciate the improvements in your core strength as you work through a number of exercises designed to work the abdominals, lower back, obliques and deep core muscles to improve posture and strengthen the core, without compromising any possible weakness in the core, abdominals or pelvic floor. Regular exercises including crunches, lunges, squats to provide a whole body movement and core strengthening class.

See and feel improvements in your posture, flexibility,strength and balance, with a stronger core, opportunity to rehab deeper abdominal and stomach muscles. Strengthening the core, shoulders, arms and provide an excellent way to improve flexibility, posture and wellbeing.

I will pre screen everyone before attending to ensure this is the correct level, if we have a more suitable class then we may suggest this as an alternate, we have plenty of other courses which may be a better fit.

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