B SummerFit

B SummerFit


Keep yourself fit and active over the summer period. We’ve all been there, no school run, less rushing around, lazier pace, enjoying spending time with the children ( for a bit anyway!), often still in PJ’s till after 9am ( or is that just us?!)…..but it also means we lose our regular routine, the habits fizzle out.


The daily walk to school and back is not happening which means less steps in the daily routine, the class you attended once the kids went to school has stopped and you don’t have the childcare now to attend, there is so much more to spend money on with entertaining the kids and trips out, warmer days means we eat more ice creams and by the time it’s bedtime you are actually shattered and have very little motivation to go to a fitness class. So you pour a glass of wine and plonk yourself infront of the tv for a bit.

Then you realise only a week has passed , there are still another 5 weeks left before school starts again!!!!


I am Biddie ( B Fitness and Wellbeing), fitness and wellbeing coach specialising in core strength, Reiki therapist and single mum to an ‘enthusiastic’ 7 year old daughter.  Every element of my business is about being stronger from the inside out, whether it is through core strength or Reiki.

I know what you are thinking because I am thinking it too, I don’t want to lose the good work I have done this year, only to feel you are starting from scratch in September.

My plan this year is to create super easy, short, effective workouts we can do over the holidays to keep active, to keep using these muscles. I know how easy it is to fall back to evening nibbles, eating when you are bored, snacking with the kids, staying up too late, having zero motivation to get up off the sofa to do exercise even though you know you feel better having done it.

Here’s where B SummerFit comes in. Launching for the summer period to get us through, so we don’t start September feeling like we have done nothing. It does seem impossible, I know, I am a single mum so can’t even leave the kids with someone to go to a class in the evening- I have to pay a babysitter and believe me, that is a dent to my motivation too.  So this year there is no need to juggle ‘everything’ and feel like you are getting nowhere. You can do this from the comfort of your own home, or on holidays ( with internet access), in the garden, beach. Pretty much anywhere.


  • you need the keep active and have the energy to keep up with the children over the summer
  • you need some time to relax and just ‘be’
  • you need to allow yourself to enjoy that second choc ice without the guilt

Here’s what you will get with B SummerFit; 

  • no diet plan so need to ditch the ice creams altogether or avoid a glass of something sparkly
  • having a focus each day for your fitness, so it is there to just follow
  • high intensity, effective, low impact cardio workouts targeting your whole body
  • stretching and downtime essentials
  • self care recommendations and suggestions
  • additional recipes and ideas for over the summer without needing a ‘plan’ to stick to.
  • suitable for anyone ( although we have a screening form to complete online and I may make an alternate suggestion if it is more suitable, and not suitable in pregnancy or 6 months post natal)
  • progress or maintain your fitness throughout the summer holidays with options in most exercises for you
  • online programme so you can follow when it is most suitable, even in your PJs!
  • simple equipment or just body weight so no need for fancy kit
  • 3 ten minute workouts a week. You can do them alone or combine them for a longer workout each week and they are short enough to do while it’s bathtime!
  • support in the private Facebook group, with additional advice, recipes, or hints. The videos will be here to access when they are convenient for you and will remain until the end of the programme.

We start in July 2019 and it is just £47 for 6 weeks.


Doesn’t that sound good? Are you feeling better about fitting in exercise over the summer.

Are you all ready and raring to go?


I would love to help and see you in our group, but being really active in the group is not an essential factor, it just helps with your accountability to post when you have done the workouts.


Let’s take on summer head on and enjoy it, feeling ready to take on the summer holidays.


Simply click on the link to book your place on B SummerFit online.

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