Biddie Atkinson

Discover your inner strength and transform your life.

I am passionate about helping women live fabulous functional and confident lives feeling empowered in their own bodies and minds.

Hi, I’m Biddie. Yorkshire born and bred just outside the fab city of York itself.

I wanted to create a business that focused on women exclusively,and one that can provide more than traditionally available. I started working for myself teaching fitness classes as I loved it, when my daughter arrived I suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction and was told a familiar line ‘what do you expect, you’ve had kids’. I refused to accept that because my body functioned well before birth, why should it be acceptable that it doesn’t now.

Through the challenges of being a single mum I found Reiki and Crystals that helped me in so many ways. I then became qualified and am studying for a Crystal Therapy Diploma to allow women to experience the healing within.

In 2016 relocating to Yorkshire and my daughter starting school has allowed me to expand and I discovered how much I love working with women who just can’t shift a ‘mummy tummy’, accept leaks during certain activities are ‘normal’ and who have put themselves last on the family ‘to do’ list. It is so satisfying seeing women reclaim their body, confidence and control again, and seeing how they approach their lives with more enthusiasm, whether their babies are 6 weeks or flying the nest.

Creating a holistic approach to helping women create a stronger core and build on it supporting themselves from the inside out. Fitness where the focus is on function and healing recovery whether your babies are newborn or heading off flying the nest. We incorporate day to day strategies to help and emphasise the importance of nutrition designed to leave you feeling and looking great.

We might be helping you get back into your clothes better after having a baby. Our  exercise based programmes are designed to help you create a stronger core and build on it. A strong core means more than just a 6 pack. It can mean helping reduce back and shoulder aches, healing a diastasis ( abdominal separation), strengthen your pelvic floor resulting in fewer leaks and more control, perhaps even getting rid of any ‘just in case’ products. I understand first hand how important it is for us to be fit,truly strong, functional and able to have the confidence in our own body.

We can help you at any life stage.

As a single mum I understand how tough it is trying to decide what’s important; juggling the shopping, washing, homework and ‘me time’ and fulfilling the various roles we play in our busy lives.  I discovered ways to heal within, to discover my inner strength and transform my life. You can too.

This is why our coaching programmes are short, low impact and highly effective meaning you can easily fit it into your day. I have taken my learning further to give you the depth and support to truly make the difference.

This is why the Reiki takes place in your own home to allow you to feel in comfortable surroundings without the need to travel, if you are unable to make it to Wellbeing Wednesday.

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• Certified Holistic Core Restore® Coach
• Exercise To Music Level 2
• Level 2 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge
• Ante and Post Natal; Working With The Pre/ Post Natal Client Outdoors
• Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription
• Buggyfit Post Natal Exercise Programme
• Reiki Level 1
• Reiki Level 2
• Crystals and Angels
• Working with Crystals
• Biomechanics ‘imove Freely’ – Advanced Screening Techniques

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