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The Full Moon in Capricorn

My moon message for today with the Full Moon in Capricorn,

Today I would like to share my Full Moon Guide with you .

Find links for many others below and enjoy. They are there to help support you on your journey.

Holding the space for women is so important and enjoyable for me. I want to help empower women to love and speak up for themselves and change the world for the better. I have been hurt, shamed, abused and almost destroyed and I don’t want other women to feel that way. I blend Astrology, Essential Oils, Energy Healing, Chakra’s and Movement for Emotional Healing.

I simply love offering these guides to you and my Energy Healing Treatments where it is ok to laugh, cry, have deep thoughts, or just feel warm and fuzzy during a treatment, or even not feel much at all.
There are many ways to connect with me, through the free guides to get you started or work directly with me through Energetic Healing or a Moon Planner so you can look at your year and plan your Money Moons, or when you are likely to be lucky with the planet Jupiter.

Come and find out more about how I can help you feel better. Feel Boundless. 

Also keep your eyes peeled for some exciting news coming…..

Have you seen our free guides?
You can download straight from our website, or your inbox if you prefer.

The Full Moon is in Capricorn which is rather a tense time!
Tread carefully as things you may have been ignoring are likely to rear up again now and need to be dealt with.

  • Use this as a time to clear the air, tidy, declutter, detox. In what ever area you feel needs it. It might be family, work, relationships or the garden!
  • Have you been ruthless or too ambitious?
  • Have you been obsessed with work and controlling everything?
  • Has your head been making more decisions than your heart?
  • Find a balance between work and home and release your need to control everything.
  • Write your Forgiveness list with what is no longer serving your best interest, and include yourself on it.
  • Forgiveness brings release and creates the space for the good stuff you manifest with the New Moon. It is not about condoning things that have happened but more about releasing your anger and resentment about those situations. Be honest and burn it after you have finished. Always a good time to sit and toast marshmallows too and make it into a family ritual.
  • What are you desperately clinging on to for all the wrong reasons?
  • What can you transform in your life and note the first step.

Don’t forget to click on the link below to get your Full Moon Forgiveness Guide You can either download it immediately for free or sign up and get it to your inbox for free. Why wouldn’t you?

If you know your Rising sign then then energy of the new moon will be different on a personal level if you are Aries Rising- it is your 10th house, Taurus- 9th house, Gemini- 8th house, Cancer- 7th house, Leo- 6th house, Virgo – 5th house, Libra- 4th house, Scorpio- 3rd house, Sagittarius- 2nd house, Capricorn- 1st house, Aquarius- 12th house, Pisces- 11th house. If you don’t know your Rising Sign then find out here for free.


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