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The Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Full Moon in Sagittarius.


Today I would like to share my Full Moon Guide with you.

Find links for many others below and enjoy. They are there to help support you on your journey.

Holding the space for women is so important and enjoyable for me.
I simply love offering these guides to you and my Energy Healing Treatments where it is ok to laugh, cry, have deep thoughts, or just feel warm and fuzzy during a treatment, or even not feel much at all.
There are many ways to connect with me, through the free guides to get you started or work directly with me through Energetic Healing or a Moon Planner so you can look at your year and plan your Money Moons, or when you are likely to be lucky with the planet Jupiter.

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Today we have a super powered Full Moon in Sagittarius.

The Full Moon is in Sagittarius today, actually across lunch time. It’s also a Super Moon, just means it is closer than usual so is likely to look bigger and the energy is super powered too.
So, this is a great time to step back and see how far you’ve really come. I know its been a challenging time recently but even if you don’t think you have progressed, think about how you have changed. Go back t January or this time last year and take a good look at everything you have achieved. There is a healing opportunity coming along very soon after the Full Moon so take full advantage and create your own ceremony for gratitude and forgiveness. Any issues you have had with a person then use this time to forgive them. Remember, forgiving someone does not mean you forget or condone their behaviour, it simply means you are letting go of the toxic emotion connected to it. These only hurt you, not them. I forgot who said that well known saying about drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. That is how I feel about forgiving someone who has hurt you, wronged you , even really really bad. It might mean that like me, you pop that same person on your list every month. Also forgive self. A hugely important task. Listen carefully to your self talk, are you as compassionate for yourself as for others?
  • It’s a healing opportunity so you could make a time line of everything you can remember from school, first loves, heart break, graduation, a car, children, marriage…. or divorce!! It really will show you how you have evolved and all those challenges  you overcame, even back to your childhood.
  • Can you forgive a person that hurt you? It’s perfectly ok to not feel ready for that. You may feel differently at a later date.
  • Where can you start feeling more optimistic in life? Can you feel how that might make a difference?
  • Are you moving enough?Taking a walk at lunchtime, adding some Yoga, perhaps even try something new?
  • Have you been careless and irresponsible?
  • Have you been getting distracted easily?
  • Even to the other extreme, have you been confident?
  • Have you taken a step back to see the bigger picture in everything?

We always provide our Full Moon Guide for you for free because I believe we can live our lives and make a positive difference to others, and this is mine.
Sagittarius is thought to connect with the Sandalwood Essential Oil and the Chakra’s of the Crown. I am  unable to do a scratch and sniff for the essential oil but I will include the Chakra Affirmations for The Crown from our Chakra Affirmation and Chakra Healing Guides for you so you get an idea of what is included in these  once you get them.

If you know your Rising sign then then energy of the new moon will be different on a personal level if you are Aries Rising- it is your 9th house, Taurus- 8th house, Gemini- 7th house, cancer- 6th house, Leo- 5th house, Virgo – 4th house, Libra- 3rd house, Scorpio- 2nd house, Sagittarius- 1st house, Capricorn- 12th house, Aquarius-11th house, Pisces- 10th house. If you don’t know your Rising Sign then find out here for free.

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