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New Moon in Gemini

Today I would like to share my New Moon Wishing Guide with you.

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This Monday we have a  New Moon in Gemini.

It also happens to be a super powerful moon for those who are Leo Rising, as it is in their 11th House, the place of dreams and wishes where the Universe has given you an extra sprinking of cosmic good luck. Make the most of it by really focusing on making your wishes feel true.

This is the super useful Money moon for those who are Taurus Rising, it’s in your 2nd House of cash, property, possessions, material wealth and values , and also for those who are Scorpio Rising because it is in your 8th House of joint finances.

If you are a Gemini Rising, like me, then this is also a really powerful New Moon for us because it is in our 1st House, the one all about your appearance, your identity and the way you come across to others in the world. I have a post on this over on my Social Media pages and a gorgeous Gemini offer too.

Anyway, so a Gemini New Moon is a time to think about how you are communicating with others, and yourself. Are you being honest with yourself and how do you talk to yourself?

Again it can be self worth; if you don’t value yourself then why would others? ( big lesson still learning after Domestic abuse!)

We are still in Mercury Retrograde at the moment and Mercury is the Ruling Planet of Gemini so think of it as an opportunity to rethink how well you communicate. Is there anything that you could try again to get your message across better?

Think about how well you are getting your message across. If you feel that your brain is racing and crammed full then you really need to take this opportunity to value your time out. Your mental time off.

Are you a socialising person, if not then try to just chat to a couple of people throughout the week.

Have you caught up with neighbours or siblings recently. Now is a great time to keep in touch.

Read more. Try turning off the TV one evening and picking up a book. If you are like me, I have a pile I need to get round to reading for pleasure but often never seem to get around to it.

New Moons are all about setting wishes and intentions so back to the New Moon in Gemini; What is your biggest wish this month?

Turn it into an affirmation as if it has already happened. Then repeat it frequently with feeling and much conviction as many times during the day as you can.

Are there any other mini goals?

Don’t forget to click on the link below to get your New Moon Wishing Guide. You can either download it immediately for free or sign up and get it to your inbox for free. Why wouldn’t you?

If you know your Rising sign then then energy of the new moon will be different on a personal level if you are Aries Rising- it is your 3rd house, Taurus- 2nd house, Gemini- 1st house, Cancer- 12th house, Leo- 11th house, Virgo – 10th house, Libra- 9th house, Scorpio- 8th house, Sagittarius- 7th house, Capricorn- 6th house, Aquarius- 5th house, Pisces- 4th house. If you don’t know your Rising Sign then find out here for free.


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