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Understanding Your Standing


See how the hands are not rotating towards the front of your thighs, how the body appears stacked.

Find your neutral pelvic position by lying on your back flat. Bend your knees up so your pelvis is level. Sitting up on a non soft chair you can find your neutral by tilting your pelvis until you are directly on your sit bones. Both of these positions may mean you notice a tingling sensation that is only felt in that position. Boom, you found your pelvic floor muscles connecting with your core and it’s saying hello!!

Read more about your sitting posture here.

The breath is a vital element in your core strength and connection.

As you can see the pelvic floor and abdominals are connected with the breath cycle. Whether sitting, standing or exercising the breath will impact tummy and pelvic floor. During exercise simply exhale purposefully on the effort part of anything, any exercise, any movement, for example lifting something, pushing something, working against gravity or a resistance band. As you exhale your diaphragm lifts, pelvic floor lifts and deep abdominal muscles draw back- not as is often suggested by sucking your belly button towards your spine.

Engaging your core, so abdominals and pelvic floor, in daily life and exercising will reconnect and strengthen it. Over time and by repetition this will help to reduce pooching tums during exercise as the core is strengthened and able to withstand moments of increased pressure during exercise and life. Engaging it prior to a sneeze will also help to remain in control when it matters.

As the shoulders round forwards you can see the difference it makes to your core and how your belly looks. Strengthening the shoulders can help to counter this, so we place a high importance on shoulders in our courses.  We work with you where you you are at currently, to improve your fitness and wellbeing to where you want to get to.

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