What’s the breath got to do with it?

There are several phases to reclaiming your body after giving birth whether it is 6 weeks ago or 16 or more years ago.
Our posture is a huge element of core strength, both sitting and standing. Improving this can only improve our core function.
Our breath, also part of our daily life, can be used more effectively and is a visible way of seeing how it is part of your core.



This is a biggie.

As simple as it sounds but can you see how your breath actually relates to your pelvic floor and deep abdominals? Utilising your breath and diaphragm as it’s intended will help to work your internal muscles. You simply exhale purposefully on the effort part of anything, any exercise, any movement, for example lifting something, pushing something, working against gravity or a resistance band. As you exhale your diaphragm lifts, pelvic floor lifts and deep abdominal muscles draw back- not as is often suggested by sucking your belly button towards your spine.

Simple but incredibly effective as a pelvic floor lift, which is why the breath is a huge element of our coaching. In fact it is a central element.

You notice this internal pressure when you cough for example; this simple action can create large amounts of internal pressure – as much as lifting lbs in weight. A perfectly normal part of life yet all that pressure bearing down onto a pelvic floor that is not prepared for it can have an accumulative effect.

Can you see how a slouched seated position is not keeping up your alignment and it actually encourages your shoulders to round forward, tummy to pooch out and rolling back on your pelvis toward your coccyx, curving your spine. Try sitting on your sit bones and see how you straighten up.

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