How can you strengthen your core?

Are you struggling with shifting your tummy and not understanding why nothing seems to have worked?

I know how it is to feel ‘not your best’. For whatever reason but I sincerely hope this will help you feel better. Please know that this series of blogs will give you access to some of the best research and knowledge around, giving you the tools you need to reclaim your control and confidence.
Through our fitness and our wellbeing you learn to focus on ‘ so within, so without’. Shift the focus onto ourselves internally and go deeper with our understanding.
Whether it is an individual consultation call or working on The Holistic Core Restore® Coaching programmes creating a stronger core and pelvic floor, we work on your deep internal muscles.

Improving your core strength may over time help to

  • Improve your posture
  • Strengthen pelvic floor meaning fewer occasional leaks
  • Heal abdominal muscles- Diastasis
  • Reduce niggly back and shoulder aches
  • Improve flexibility and stability
  • Help you to improve your waistline with a firmer flatter tummy

So within. So without.
Everything we do is about helping you reclaim your control and confidence.
The goals for this guide today are to;

•Demystify the pelvic floor
•Explain a little about the anatomy of the pelvic floor and abdominals, the science.
•Pelvic floor dysfunction
•Integrate the pelvic floor into the CORE
•Simple pelvic floor safe exercise routine
•Why Holistic Core Restore® is so effective.

Today is the first step. There is often much discussion around what you can feel and expect if your core becomes weakened but little providing a solution.

I’m so excited to be able to share with you exactly how you can strengthen your core, tighten your tum, reduce occasional bladder weakness and increase your control and confidence.
To go from feeling out of control and powerless to feeling you need to ‘do’ something and doing it. There is something you can do and there is a way to have more control.

There is a process; The Holistic Core Restore® programme.

We all know the embarrassment and irritation of being controlled by your bladder and covering up and feeling like there is no option except padding up as we see advertised. This only covers up and hides what’s going on and does nothing to help how you feel about it, or provide a solution for it.
Many women come to work with us because they are at their absolute wits end. They have had enough and want to change things.

Following the emails and blogs can give you many tips on how to progress and what you can do. There is no obligation to join our community of women taking control after this has finished but obviously I would love to help you reclaim more control and confidence, to release yourself from the habits keeping you stuck and allowing your life to be put on hold because of signs of a weak core.

I know this might be a lot to take in and start to sound a little confusing because no one else talks about all this stuff. Take the time to understand and it will quite literally set you free. It just takes some time.

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what others say


Upcoming events

Our next group coaching starts on Monday 8 January 2018 and we do have just a handful of places available. Find out more with a free screening call, just book here. 

Our 12 week programme is likely to fill up as it creates the foundations and builds on it over 12 weeks. Perfect for those who need the accountability to maintain the progress.
We start Monday 8 January – 10.15am,  8.15pm.
Tuesday 9 January – 1.30pm.
Friday 12 January – 12.45pm

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