What did you love doing?

Alongside some of the personal development work I am doing, I realised by being annoyed and irritated about something I am not actually solving the thing that I don’t like.

By doing my best to ignore it and hope it goes away, I am not solving it either.

By working on it internally, in my case to release the trauma attached to it, I am actually starting to find solutions.

Ignoring symptoms of a weak core won’t sadly make it go away on it’s own either. Ignoring back and shoulder ache doesn’t help it reduce. Ignoring leaks won’t make them stop. Sadly I really wish there was a magic wand to make things go away if we ignored them, like expensive bills!! Ignoring a hole in an item of clothing usually doesn’t help either and quite often before you know it the hole is worse and involves more to repair it. We all know the good old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

If your life is dominated by avoiding running, dreading sneezing or coughing, and never setting foot on trampolines with the kids, then do get in touch to arrange a call to discuss how you can create a stronger core and pelvic floor. ( Coming up in 2018 we have an online course, so it doesn’t matter if you are not local anymore as it can be done online- how fab is that!)

Experiencing leaks in other fitness classes is a cry for help that your core needs attention to help it cope with what you are asking it to do. Sometimes this may prevent attending fitness classes which might lower weekly activity levels. Continuing with these classes may not be the most appropriate if there is core dysfunction, if the core is weak. Pooching tummy, back and shoulder aches or embarrassing leaking may all be symptoms. Working on your deep core by reconnecting with it and strengthening within to strengthen without.

Wearing pads is normalised by adverts we see daily to cope with symptoms of a weak pelvic floor, like bladder weakness, but was it part of your normal life before children? It does not however help to solve a sensitive bladder or a weak core, merely provide 1 way to deal with a symptom.  Improving our posture and alignment might help to reduce back and shoulder aches. Many of us slouch over desks or driving for long lengths of time, even slouching on the sofa in the evenings watching TV or scrolling through social media.

Reconnecting to your abdominals and pelvic floor can start the process of creating a stronger core  Exercising is an ideal step, but the right kind of exercise. Continuing to perform exercises that don’t feel right will not suddenly make it right. Please understand, I am not banning the traditional exercises, just adapting and deferring, until your body can cope with the demands more efficiently.

What did you love doing that you no longer do because of embarrassing leaks, or worrying that something will fall out? How would it feel to get back doing it again? Remember how active children are, quite literally bouncing and charging around everywhere when they are younger. Would you like to do something about that? As we all know nothing is a quick fix that will last but putting in the time and effort has meant women have experienced such changes in their appearance, fitness, confidence and pelvic floor strength is simply fabulous.

We are not all about perfecting our body, to achieve a 6 pack, or a thigh gap, or whatever it is. We are about creating a body that functions better, and when the core is functioning more effectively then it looks and performs better.  Life most definitely is not perfect when embarrassing leaks happen, or when activities are left out because of this.  Life feels more perfect when we are happy and at peace with where and who and how we are right now.  ( I’m still working on this but life is a journey and all that)

The best time to start is now, as with many things. Over the past year since relocating to Yorkshire all the ladies in classes and the personal 1-2-1 coaching have made incredible progress with their fitness and wellbeing. Many are now returning to previous activities stronger, wearing clothing sizes smaller, enjoying dancing the night away free from leaks and so much more. Taking on board the learning involved in the course is a lifetimes worth and enjoying life with the confidence of taking control is, in my opinion, priceless.








Find out what you can do here ;http://bfitnessandwellbeing.co.uk/holistic-core-restore/

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