Knowing the impact a weak core and pelvic floor can have


Survive or thrive?

Knowing the impact a weak core and pelvic floor can have on life is enough to take control isn’t it .
This is where the Holistic Core Restore ® Everywoman programme comes in.
You are tired of laughter leaks, losing sensation in intimate moments, regain the confidence to exercise and jump around with the kids and enjoy a better looking belly.

This coaching has helped so many women create a stronger core, reducing back and shoulder aches, experiencing fewer leaks and as a result having increased confidence.

Some ladies are able to return to their previous exercise routines, and some find a new lease of life with so many positive improvements.

Discovering the confidence again to embrace exercise, or to sneeze without crossing your legs.  Knowing dancing competitions, Boxing tournaments, trampolining with the kids, picking up the grand kids or just feeling better is all possible.
Reconnecting to your core and engaging it in exercises and daily life is helping to reduce those shoulder aches. Knowing the tools and techniques to maintain the relieving of this tightness, and having the tools with you to do at home.
Utilising the breath helps to engage your core and this includes a lifting of the pelvic floor, tah dah, you are doing pelvic floor exercising by simply breathing in your best posture, nicely aligned.
Keep doing all these simple techniques and the online membership hub is there with videos to watch and follow at home.
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Take control and discover your inner strength and transform your life.

Much Love


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