Flattening your tummy is more than a few crunches…

Flattening your tummy is more complex than a few crunches…or a lot of crunches.

If the abdominal muscles are still separated from pregnancy then it is a weak area with weak muscle tone behind, unable to keep things where they should be and so you find you get the poochy tum.
Traditional crunches or planks will target these separated muscles and not the muscle behind that is needed to realign these 2 abdominal muscles to regain your strength.

Pooching tummy when you do these exercises is a sure sign that you may well still have this gap. Back and shoulder aches, having little confidence in your pelvic floor, experiencing leaks through urges, jumping, sneezing, laughing, running are all other signs that you may have a weak core.

This is why I talk about the courses being the foundation to your core strength because it gets results by helping to close the gap and you regain strength to go back to a more active life. It’s as simple as booking in for your free consultation screening here >>> www.bfitnessandwellbeing.co.uk

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