5 Effective Constipation Helpers

For many women, Constipation and irregular bowel movements are a very real issue.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely in a bid to improve your Pelvic and Core health, eat better, move more and overall, give some love and attention to what’s going on going on between your chin and your knees.

Being constipated and not being able to ‘go’ regularly or having difficulty when you do is not only toxic to your body (your bowel movements are one of your major detoxification pathways) but also detrimental to your ability to heal your Diastasis Recti (tummy gap) and also a real negative if you have any Pelvic Organ prolapse too. So,  here are 5 simple ways that you can improve your ‘go’, most of them not only interesting but also enjoyable….I promise.

  1. Drink more water

Seems a simple thing but many women, for fear of leaking, simply reduce their intake of all fluids.  Yes, this might mean that you feel more confident when out and about but chronic dehydration is bad news for virtually ever cell in your body and has the potential to reduce a range of bodily activities from brain function to fat loss.  We love these HydrateM8 bottles….which truly help you recognise and monitor your hydration levels.

  1. Improve your ANO-RECTAL ANGLE!

So in laywoman’s terms, Western Toilet aren’t really designed to support your best ‘go’ position which is really with your thighs closer to your chest…..think French School Trip circa ’87 and being mortified by those ‘stoop down’ toilets.  Thankfully things have moved and of course someone has thought of how to get we Westerners into a better position still using our traditional loos….enter the Squatty Potty.







Or you could just fashion your own feet elevators like Jenny did…

Jenny’s Homemade Feet Elevators


    1. Try an Anti-Constipation – I LOVE YOU Massage……..


  1.  Eat your way to a better bowel movement…..try our ‘Fibre Provider Amazeballs’

Not only wonderful for helping ‘regularity’ they also taste delish!  The ingredients that made the Super Fibre-Provider Amazeballs below are: Dried figs, dried prunes, chia seeds, ground almonds, macadamia nuts, pecan nuts  and my killer ingredient…. dried Morello cherries (full of anti-oxidants – important for tissue healing and cell regeneration) that I found in the baking section in my local Sainbury’s – the exact amounts?…well, to be honest, I just add the wetter ingredients first and then add the drier ingredients while the food processor is running until I get to a consistency that’s stick and will roll into a ball well.  Then finish by rolling each ball in some desiccated coconut to make it look pretty   I think everyone in the family will love them and they are a brilliant replacement for shop-bought rubbish….natural sugars, really filling (I dare you to eat more than 2 at a time) home-made, great for improving bowel function and therefore pelvic health and lastly great for hormonal health too (because ‘going’ regularly is all part of that story as well!).  Win, win, win  Enjoy!



  1.  Drink your way back to regularity with our ‘Fibre Provider Juice’!

This fab juice will help to get you back on track and it’s super simple to prepare……juice 2 ripe pears and a handful of spinach.  Then add the juice to a blender with the 5 prunes and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed and whizz til smooth.  I have it on good authority that this WORKS!   All ingredients are very high in fibre and most importantly, this juice taste AWESOME!

We hope this has been useful to you and we wish you a ‘great go’ !




Both breathing, more movement across your tummy area will promote better bowel function….we all know that immobility or just not moving enough and breathing well is ‘away from health’ and so adding movement to your daily life that will encourage you to breathe deeply is an ESSENTIAL!  But of course you know that already, don’t you?  Remember, it’s all connected….look here at the relationship between the Diaphragm, your breathing muscle, your tummy and your Pelvic Floor!

Reproduced from original blog by Jenny Burrell- Burrell Education- creator of the Holistic Core Restore® Programme To read more please visit:  http://eepurl.com/cBhUI5

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