What We Have Found Out So Far…

The average age of the participant is 39 years of age.

The average participant has given birth to 2 children.

16% via C-Section

84% Vaginal Birth – out of these women, 48%, nearly half of them had either traumatic births that involves Grade 2-4 trauma, Episiotomies or Assisted Deliveries (Ventous/Forceps).

‘Life-Phase’ of Those Joining

  • Pregnancy – 12%
  • Early Post Natal (6- Weeks to – 1 Year) –  22%
  • Never-Too-Late-Natal – Women Who Gave Birth Have Toddlers to Teens & Beyond – 45%
  • +50 (Peri/Post Menopause) – 19%
  • Nulliparous (never given birth) – 2%

Main Reason For Joining

  • Urinary Incontinence (Stress/Urge or Pregnancy Related) – 72%
  • Suspected or Confirmed Mild Prolapse – 18%
  • Post Hysterectomy – 5%
  • Better Looking Belly/Other – 5%

VIRTUALLY EVERY WOMAN who completed the whole  programme reported an IMPROVEMENT in the symptoms that she reported before starting the programme.  They citied improvement in their sense of connection, continence, sensation of their mild prolapse AND improvement in their Diastasis (separation of abdominal muscles).

Others reported the benefits of making the well-being/lifestyle changes and also improving their knowledge of the importance of maintaining/improving their pelvic health as associated positives of the programme alongside learning to incorporate rest and relaxation strategies into their lives.

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