I can’t believe I did this

I am still surprised by my own inner strength at times.

When pushed to extremes sometimes we surprise ourselves.

This was one of those occasions.

I needed a new start for my little girl and myself. Away from the negativity that dragged us down where we used to live. So after much careful consideration I made the decision to move to East Riding of Yorkshire, to Pocklington to be exact.

Just packed up and left.
How scary is that to do on your own, with a 4 year old!

‘Sometimes great opportunities come from great change’. I can’t remember where that comes from but it rings very true doesn’t it.

Have you ever been scared to do something ,and done it anyway?

Was it ever as bad as you feared?

It usually isn’t and then we start to see the new opportunities.

Ever been scared to take the plunge with your fitness?

Ok, our core restore isn’t exactly terrifying but it is unique and I do make some bold statements.

Well, this course will help you discover your core again and once we have worked on your foundations then you can progress on to other more high impact classes if you chose. Then you would notice the differences that having a stronger core will make.  Fewer leaks, more control, firmer flatter tummy to name a few.

If you want to make a change and see what opportunities lie ahead then reply back and you might just be able to grab one of our last places on the September course, or book in your bespoke 121 coaching with us.

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