Bedroom Bliss

Really, bedroom bliss?

A stronger pelvic floor can have a huge number of benefits, including in the bedroom.

Samantha from Sex and The City sums it up rather nicely.

Stronger pelvic floor muscles can basically improve sensation for both of you.

Not only can poor pelvic floor function result in back aches, mild leaking (when you run, cough, jump or sneeze), poor posture, poochy tummy but also a loss of sensation in the bedroom.

Strong pelvic floor muscles equal strong….. well you get my drift.

So here are my 5 tips!

  1. Work that pelvic floor!
  2. More Cardio!
  3. Improve Stamina!
  4. Think sexy.
  5. Eat more Greens!

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Did you know a strong pelvic floor can spice up your bedroom life?

Your Pelvic floor has a variety or purposes. It’s this set of muscles that controls your bladder and bowels, holds all your internal organs in place, helps to get baby out AND helps you to have a great sex life!

So here are my 5 tips!

  1. Work that pelvic floor! Focus on your breathing and the muscles within your core. Focus on 3 or 4 breaths at a time, slow down and focus on one thing, tightening things up
  2. More Cardio! Studies show exercise can help you become aroused quicker, cardio pumps the blood around faster.
  3. Improve Stamina! Regular exercise can improve stamina in all areas, so including our squats while doing a pelvic floor lift will be a double bonus by strengthening bum, thighs, arms and shoulders and your core to give you more staying power.
  4. Think sexy. Exercise helps to change your feelings about your body image. It helps you improve the way you see yourself.
  5. Eat more Greens! Another reason to eat green veg, it is said to widen blood vessels so helping you feel more aroused.

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