4 secrets no one tells you about being a mum, part 4

I’m going to let you in on these massive secrets that no one is really talking about. Except me because I love getting this knowledge out there to help.

Perhaps you can make use of them, or help someone else with your knowledge. If it can’t help you physically, then maybe it will at least help your sanity, or someone else’s.

Either way, it’s out there now!
4) Find your connection.
Sit on your sit bones, wiggle around until you feel it.
You will be now sitting in your optimal postural position.
Breathe in and out and focus on where you breathe and what your tummy is doing.
Breathe again but breath into your ribs, not belly or chest, no lifting of your shoulders.
Expand your breath into your ribcage and take a look at your tummy movement.
Breath out through your teeth in a hissing noise, watch your tummy draw back. There is no need to pull it back, it will happen itself. See the lack of bulge, If you focus quietly you may even be able to feel the tension in your pelvic floor muscle change. Its subtle and takes a few weeks of practice but you will get it if you continue.

Keep this tension through out the day and notice how it will help your pooch during all sorts of daily activities, from lifting and bending. Set this tension and you may find it beneficial with your urges. You have effectively lifted your pelvic floor. It might help to visualize a diamond shape of your pubic bone, coccyx and 2 sit bones drawing together and up. No need to lift like an elevator now and worry about holding.

Here’s how it works below;

animated core  Breathe_titled


Watch the video here >>>



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