4 secrets no one tells you about being a mum, part 3

I’m going to let you in on these massive secrets that no one is really talking about. Except me because I love getting this knowledge out there to help.

Perhaps you can make use of them, or help someone else with your knowledge. If it can’t help you physically, then maybe it will at least help your sanity, or someone else’s.

Either way, it’s out there now!


3) Mummy Tummy. Basically its that poochy bit that just doesnt seem to want to go.

It can be caused by Diastasis, a separation of your abdominal muscles. Perfectly natural and normal in pregnancy to accomodate the growing bump.

It took the best part of a year to happen so it’s going to take as long, or longer to return.

Unless, you factor in bad posture, inappropriate exercise, lack of self care, lack of sleep.  Doing tons of the wrong exercises, all those traditional abdominal exercises that spring to mind are probably wrong for your battle of the bulge. It might actually make it worse. Yes, worse.

I know you have to keep doing the stuff to get results but if there is zero improvement or unpleasant feelings or a bulge when you crunch up, then do stop. It won’t get worse if you stop these. Enter the Core strengthening programme from 3R. We work on your deep abdominal muscles, the connection between your pelvic floor muscles holding everything in, and your diaphragm, you know the muscle that helps you breathe, every day, all day.

The more efficiently these muscles work together the more improvements to your core. Your deep abdominal muscles will get stronger and be more capable of holding in your pooch, your 6 pack muscles will usually close together and boom, your core is stronger.

Take a look at the video here



animated core Breathe_titled


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