4 secrets no one tells you about being a mum, part 2.


I’m going to let you in on these massive secrets that no one is really talking about. Except me because I love getting this knowledge out there to help.

Perhaps you can make use of them, or help someone else with your knowledge. If it can’t help you physically, then maybe it will at least help your sanity, or someone else’s.

Either way, it’s out there now!

2) Prolapses are experienced by many women , birth can be one of the reasons but not the only one.

It often feels like a bulging pressure down there and just feeling something is not right. It might feel like back pain, or a dragging sensation.

It might feel worse after carrying something or after a period of walking or exercise, it might be a feeling of incomplete emptying or frequent urges.

Women who had an assisted birth might stand a higher risk due to the procedure for birth.  C section births are also as likely as not to have some degree of prolapse. Or not. Every body and experience is different. Prolapses involve the tissue and fascia too , not just the muscles. Which is why the programme with 3R works so well, because it incorporates this whole approach and how it all connects together. Much like other training, some symptoms can be improved or reversed but like other muscles it needs continual training. I mean, you don’t do squats one evening and expect a better bum even if you never do them again.

Watch the video here >>>https://youtu.be/tfbgLws_jaQ

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