Why Do Restaurants Have Menus?

bump and no bump

Obviously its choice isn’t it.

We are not all the same, we are different. There is no one food that everyone loves.

There is no one size fits all.

Fitness and your health is similar.

There is not one class that suits everybody.

You did your usual routine, then pregnancy enabled you to make changes.Post partum is forever unless you re establish connection with your core through connecting, movement and nutrition.

Your post natal period and beyond is not what it used to be.

The knowledge is out there. There is choice now, depending on various factors but there is a choice.

Choose wisely how you invest in your body in this period of time and beyond.

All 3R classes are safe from pregnancy to menopause. All our exercises are pregnancy and post natal safe. They are designed to support you and strengthen you, pelvic floor and diastasis/ abdominal safe. Core safe. Packed full of education alongside the movement.

We almost have a menu you can choose from but not all the classes/ programmes will be suitable for you depending on your life stage.

To have a look and see what you can choose, follow the button below and complete the form for your details and we will get back to you to book in your free phone chat. You will learn tips and techniques on the phone that you can implement right now, even if you are not local and unable to attend classes.


PS; If you are not sure then just take a look at the page with testimonials from happy clients.

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