Marbles and Fitness

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Marbles and fitness…


Bear with me on this one guys,

I was watching a clip on you tube about making marbles. Absolutely fascinating, I had no idea it was so intricate. Obviously I would never tell a glass marble maker how to do their job.

So why do we listen to other people about our fitness?

We listen to friends and others selling ‘amazing’ branded shakes and pills…who have very little, if any nutritional qualifications.

We listen to gym instructors who tell us to keep doing the crunches even if our tummy is pooching out.

We listen to other people say how they lost so much weight going back to running after they had kids.

We listen to the almost silence of no one talking about bladder weakness, sneeze pees, weak pelvic floor muscles.

A marble maker is not going to tell you how to get a better functioning core, whether you need to strengthen or release, how to bring your abdominal muscles closer together or what you can do to help with bladder weakness.

A Core Restore Coach is not going to tell you how to make a giant glass vase.

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