What Was I Thinking?!

What was I thinking trying to let women know about how their core functions and how they can improve function and what having a stronger core will actually mean?!

Once 3R became 3R and stopped being a post natal classes type of business I knew truly what I wanted to do. Focus and specialise on restoring your Core. Restoring optimal function so you can have life tools for life, for YOUR life.

Restore, Rebalance, Renew.

That phrase rather sums it all up.

I set off, just little old me, educating and re educating people. Putting myths to bed. Letting ladies know that getting your body back after having a baby is not all abut crunches and abs work. Its something deeper, internal strength .

It felt like no one was listening to me, videos each week, newsletters gong out, posting on Facebook. Then the enquiries started. Just a few from people who understood that sometimes traditional exercise classes are not the secret. Ladies who realised that putting up with bladder weakness was in actual fact, NOT normal and there is something that can be done.

So I kept on, thankfully blessed with my Taurean determination!!( Something my ex now dislikes intensely!)

I was proud to be ground breaking, new, unique, crossing bridges and venturing where no one has ventured before.
Obviously it worked because there is more media and social attention on your core and how it functions. More local fitness classes are acknowledging this important area. I have no wish to be a baby and bump fitness core restore, or a running club for restoring your core. I am Me. I am 3R. It is for everywoman, suitable from pregnancy to menopause. For those who wish to regain strength and control.


Ultimately I have done what I intended to do, bring awareness to more ladies about how it is wrong to normalise bladder weakness, to accept that wearing ‘lady pants’ is quite normal, to accept that you must just keep on doing crunches till you get the abs you want.

I chose my path and walked my talk. During which time I had a relationship breakdown and many realisations of how incredibly imperfect it was and still trying to break free of the cycle of abuse. Thus the move to regain control of my own life again, to start a new life with my daughter elsewhere and keep on bringing my awareness of the real core solutions to my new home. ( This is a whole other ‘what was i thinking’ story!!)

I love my specialist knowledge and understanding of your pelvic health, strength and wellness. Love how I combine the fitness and exercise with nutrition, relaxation, self care and releasing tight muscles to improve your postural alignment. All these things are part of your programme with 3R.

Many people still ignore me, hey ho! I ignore all the promises by various slimming, pills and shakes fad companies. Please don’t get me started on them. Many still go to the gym intent on 100’s crunches to get rid of their poochy tum. It simply won’t work for many of these ladies who will start to feel disillusioned with the whole fitness thing and sadly will step off that path without truly knowing how their core functions and what to do to restore it.

As I say, Its not always the exercise, it’s how you do it. So, think about your fitness routine. Are you on the right path? What are you thinking? Are you after long term core wellbeing and strength and health, or just something that will work in 2 weeks?

One path is the path that gives you an illusion of being in control of what to do, and the other path is a bit ‘out there’ in it’s message and viewed as a risk, but guess what it will give you control.

What are YOU thinking?


PS; Just go for it, start asking the right questions where you are and you might start getting the right answers or find out the wrong answers which will enable you to make better choices.

PPS; If you know already then click the link button below and complete your details on the form to book in a free phone chat with 3R to find out what you can be doing.

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