The £500 Spa Afternoon!

I heard a friend fairly recently accidentally spent this in a spa afternoon with her daughter. Wow! My first thought was how on earth can you spend that. Then realising where they are, it is quite possible. She commented that she didn’t read the prices and that the treatments were pretty much as they would be elsewhere BUT it was all the added extras she bought into. More space, lots of products used and given away.


3R is not high end, rather more high quality, low price to enable it to be affordable to every woman- as the Foundation class is called. It is for Everywoman, not just those who can afford such luxury.

” I feel like I have more energy, am better informed about my core and pelvic floor, my core seems firmer and lost 12 cm from my waist. I have a whole toolkit that I can continue to use to help strengthen my core and pelvic floor further.”

Could I charge a lot more than I do. It has cost me vast amounts of money to learn what I know, to gain qualifications to coach you in this. I am qualified to do this. So, yes, but it would mean it would become out of reach for so many more ladies. I want to make a difference to ladies lives. Really. I want to help, not dangle a solution infront of you and for you to say it’s too expensive. Yes, I could ask you to stop your coffee shop chats, or the cinema, or whatever but that’s your choice on how to prioritise your spending. I can advise on better healthier choices but time for you is important too.

Working with 3R is not free, obviously, but it is totally affordable. Low cost, high quality. That’s what I am aiming for.

Your fad diets and pills and shakes. Are they bought from qualified people? Perhaps, but i doubt they are qualified in the area they are selling. Yet, we take advice and products or services from them, often because of the ideal lives promised. How it will do magical things.

So if you want expert advice book your free phone consultation now and take your first steps to core control.>>>


PS; my daily foot treatment with my spiky ball is going on as I type!!

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