I could kick myself!

Just a note to myself more than anything else.

Over the years starting up my business and the learning curve that it is, I have learnt many incredibly useful things along the way. I learnt how to build an actual website and how to update it, myself. I learnt so much, some good and some mistakes that I have learnt from, as in life. I have learnt I give away too much for free!

However as I am a very giving person and I really do want to help you. However there has to be a line somewhere between wanting to help and just doing too much for free. Recently I had some consultations that were booked in because of the birthday offer. Fabulous congratulations to these ladies for seizing the opportunity. I know you learnt a lot to help you, and some are going to continue working with me, via skype.

I give away tips, videos and so much on Facebook and newsletters, I answer questions because I want to help. Help by improving the knowledge and education you receive. Are PT’s advising you to do exercises without checking your diastasis/ tummy? Are these gyms aware of the deep reasons behind why their exercises might not be working for you?

To tie in beautifully with our relocation I am no longer just giving things out for free all the time in business. It is my daughters and my life- our food, heating, living costs that this contributes towards. It is life, not extravagant holidays abroad on luxury yachts!

Yes, there will still be offers which I strongly suggest you seize when they appear!

In June, 3R will be hosting some coffee mornings to let mums know what we are about and how we can help. These will be local to the East Riding of Yorkshire.

But that’s free I hear you say.

barbie group

I am happy to do free for some return commitment from you guys.

If you have liked or found useful anything you have gained from a class/ 121/ newsletters/ blogs/ Facebook posts/ a phone consultation. Anything you have learnt that has been helpful then please can you publicly comment, or review, or private message and I can use an anonymous quote, please tag and share the posts to allow me to reach out to more ladies who need help.

I LOVE coaching you to a stronger core and all the benefits that has, but I do struggle with asking for things from you so It’s taking me flexing my brave muscle to type and send this!!


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