Did He Do It?


I love reading good books in paper, not on a screen. I love turning a page to find out what happens next.

Do you *|FNAME|* ?

Anyway, I was reading a book all about how this husband who appeared perfect to everyone except his wife, actually killed her. He fooled everyone into believing he didn’t do it until the jury came back with a verdict. I was gripped. Obviously more so because i could relate to the content so was literally dying to find out if his act was ‘found out’.

As i was recalling personal situations where I can now understand much more, I became more aware of how I have no act. You get what you see with me. Like it or lump it. Some people are most definitely fans ( or not!) of how i totally go against those diet/ shakes/ pills/ etc that may well give you an instant fix but do nothing to actually provide a solution. Unfortunately no training is provided to those who then dish out nutritional guidance to entice people into spending on them…and keep spending because as soon as they stop then the original problem comes back. Erm, that’s because you have NOT fixed it. Just covered it up. Understandably my personal friends who jump on this band wagon do not like my views on this. It is their money source after all.

Mine is to provide a solution and educate and empower women to better life choices. No scamming involved. I am purely me, what you see in a Facebook video is what you get in class. Women’s Health Professionals and Physios recommend the Holistic Core Restore® programmes because they work.

So when all the evidence is pointing to something. Go further. Learn more. Follow your gut. Then follow more evidence. All the evidence you need I provide on Facebook, newsletters, blogs and website. I provide free phone consultations to help. I even provide you with little rants sometimes!


PS Keep on doing the stuff and you will have a stronger core that you can feel secure and confident with. Notice how I never make promises to do something only guide you. Plus I am qualified to coach you too in exercise, nutrition and I specialise in Pelvic Health to Restore your core.

Go on, book yourself a free call to see what you can do.why.

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