Core Secrets To Survival

It’s not quite the jungle or the desert but life.

Squats used to be part of daily cave man life. DO you do a deep squat every day. Watch your kids. They do. Fabulous to practice more of.

Posture and alignment are lost on so many of us. We slouch, cars, desks, comfy sofa’s- where any of these around in cave man days?! We then put up with aches and pains brought on by these non optimal posture stances.

Breathing. Yes really, breathing is not utilised efficiently anymore by the vast majority of us. We all breath but HOW do you breathe?! Are you belly breathing, or lifting your shoulders too much with each breath? If you have a weak core think about it, putting additional pressure into your belly will not help it heal. Using the breath as part of our exercises you will really feel how much it helps each week. All those who advise deep belly breaths may not be aware of this pressure we need to take into account of for healing a diastasis.

However long ago you had your baby, 6 weeks or 16 years ago, if your diastasis has not healed because of poor posture or poor exercises choices or poor food and nutritional choices then its simply not going to heal completely until you address these issues.

This is what 3R is all about.

Lifestyle tools for your life, FOR LIFE. For you.

your woo needs you!

For those of you gym members, remember how you felt when you first walked in and didn’t have a clue how or why or what. Those machines did something but until someone coached you in using them properly and efficiently you didn’t have a clue.

When i first qualified ( for fun all those years back. I wanted to know if I could do what my instructors could do, turns out I could!!) I was terrified when I actually took the plunge to self employment. I learnt the hard way what to do and what not to do. I have honed down what I really want to coach. Core Strength. Not just a Legs bums tums. The deep education to empower all women to demand more from their exercises. To demand it for themselves. My survival is dependent on ladies understanding there needs to be more than crunches and running to ‘get you body back’. For some, that may be all it takes but for the vast majority of us we need more.

That’s where 3R steps in. Restore, Rebalance, Renew.

You learn so much on the free phone consultation/ chat, and then during the programme you are educated to enable you to take it further to other women that you know, to let them know there is help. Click the button below to book in a chat and see where you can go from there.


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