Anna is excited

I’ve known Anna for a while through our voluntary work together and she had seen my adverts and follows me on the Facebook page. She has done the tips and exercises on the video clips and already committed to increasing her protein daily, just from taking on board the tips and advice. She thought the advice made sense to her and wanted to do something to take control of her core.

She already understood core strength was more than a few crunches and that she had to work internally on this, so she joined up for a Holistic Core Restore® class.

That put me under pressure as we ‘knew’ each other. Admittedly we made enough innuendos and Game of Thrones comments to last a lifetime, but we had fun in classes. She sent me a quick message recently to say,

I just want to say a huge thanks for the knowledge and confidence I have gained from your classes.

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Although the 6 week course is now 8 weeks, thanks to my last class members and their fabulous feedback about how they felt it needed to be longer to really establish the new habits, and not going to cost you £5000. It is an investment for your life tools.

Read more here about how it can help you get a firmer flatter tummy, how it can help you with bladder weakness and give you increased body confidence.

Join us for coffee and cake in June to find out more.


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