What’s Your Story?

Do you remember my old retro image?!

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If you don’t, or never knew it then it doesn’t really matter but it’s all part of ‘my story’.

Are you sitting comfortably….good. Then I’ll begin!!!!

I didn’t want to consider leaving my daughter straight away after welcoming her into the world, but I had to. ( Having been made redundant at 8 1/2 months pregnant)

So i made the decision to go self employed doing what I loved. Fitness. I became qualified and thought I knew everything because I had a piece of paper that said I knew my stuff. I could teach classes, pre and post natal specialist,and advise nutritionally. How awesome was that. I set up Legs, Bums, Tums and Buggyfit sessions locally and did so with the knowledge I had at the time. Mostly focusing on regaining your body and losing the baby weight which is what we often focus on, as mums.

I breastfed till my daughter was around 17 months old and then my period came back, ugh. As I had some Post Natal qualifications I was aware this was not ‘normal’ so I looked into it. Looked into why i couldn’t fully insert a tampon, and why it felt so uncomfortable once there.

Surely it wasn’t meant to be like that?

No one spoke to me about this, and no one really wanted to talk to me. Baby groups were all about baby. I had moaned a little about how useless my partner was, seems i wasn’t alone!! We discussed boobs, nappy colour but not really anything about ourselves, as people, as functional beings.
Just as we were as ‘mum’ and our mum duties.
Doctors didn’t really want to know as nothing was actually hanging out, so I was left to my own devices and thankfully found my ‘core angel’ Jenny Burrell and followed her programme, as a client, in the very new early days of ‘FooFoo FunClub’, I had already done the majority of my qualifications with her for pre and post natal so I knew the programme was to be trusted, and

found that in literally 6 weeks all my symptoms had gone.

So, I pursued further knowledge and trained and qualified, and went on to touch on other related things impacting on pelvic health and wellness, like Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Biomechanics and more nutrition, in addition to my qualifications in General fitness, class fitness, pre and post natal, outdoor fitness, Holistic Core Restore and Pelvic Health specialism. So, i like to think i know a fair bit, and i have the ‘been there done that’ t shirt.

I can help myself now i can connect the dots.

Now i can understand all the symptoms can be put under the umbrella, not hundreds of other little things.

It got me thinking about how all have varying degrees of things that niggle at us physically, emotionally, or our lives and once we can connect the dots and be told they are all part of something bigger, then it becomes so much easier to deal with.

Aching shoulders, even after a massage that never really got rid of the ache.
Lower back ache again that didn’t seem to go.
Leaking when sneezing, running, jumping, coughing and shamefully when squatting down to pick up your baby.
Poochy tummy that appeared much more prominently when doing a sit up.
Spongy tummy with no real firmness that you can feel.
Feeling tired and lethargic much of the time.
Sleeping badly, and never quite feeling rested.
Feeling stressed all the time and like the slightest thing will tip you over the edge. Believe me, I know.

There are many more but these are the majority of things we all feel on occasions.

These can be symptoms of a weak core. Even the tiredness and stress.

So..what’s your story?

Why are you now reading this, what brought you to this point?

Can you make some changes to your lifestyle, with me or just by yourself?

If you want a chance to chat on the phone to discuss things that you may be worried about please do and we can chat about how you can improve your core stability and strength.

>>>http://www.3rholistictherapies.co.uk/our-services/prices/booking-in/ <<<< Biddie PS. You can share your story or not, if you want to message me privately then please do, or just grab a free phone consultation to see where you can go from here.

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