10 ways to a stronger core


Very simple steps really…

1) Stop messing around on Facebook

2) Stop changing diets every time a new one appears

3) Stop going with shakes/ pills/ etc that will NOT provide a solution for YOUR weak core even if they seem to work for someone else. That’s their core, maybe you are different.

4) Stop crunching/ sit ups if you get a pooching belly

5) Stop Planks if you have a belly that pooches

6) Stop with running or any activity you do if you experience any leaks

7) Eat more protein

8) Chill out and relax more in peace ( said in honesty as a single mum )

9) Stop slouching on the sofa watching soaps every evening

10) Book yourself a free consultation on the phone with 3R to find out why and what you can do instead

Here’s a link for you to book your consultation on the phone. Its a chat to see where you are right now, what worries you have and what goals you want to achieve. It’s not an obligation to then go on and do a course if you think you can follow the steps at home.

>>>> Book my free phone consultation<<<< Biddie PS: You don't need to book a phone consultation to get started you can just go here to book straight onto the next course but a chat is helpful for both of us.

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