Keep It Simple Stupid

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No wait, before you think I am just out right calling you stupid I’m not. Most people know of the above analogy and I’m saying Holistic Core Restore® courses go back to basics. They break everything down to the simplest ideas and concepts. That’s why it is always a success.

The new combination Holistic Core Restore® Foundation course is the best seller and it really does what it says on the tin. It goes back to basics, simple information, exercise, movement patterns and putting the work in.It helps you to understand your core, why certain things just didn’t work for you. Whether it is a pill, shake, class, running or the 100 crunch challenge. It may well explain WHY it didn’t work, and help you get going down the correct appropriate road for YOUR core.

Of course, you can keep on trying the other quick fixes that promise such results and cost so much more .

I make no such promises, never have, never will. I do promise you will feel and see positive improvements and these will last,if you continue with the basic principles, unlike many of the fad things that you have to keep on doing because they may not be THE SOLUTION to YOUR core problems. You may then find after attending courses with 3R that you can return to your previous activities and have better results because you have understood HOW to engage your core, and what your core is and how it works in daily life. How it is so much more than your 6 pack muscles and sucking your tummy in.

Whether it is to have fewer leaks, firmer flatter tummy, less back ache, less shoulder ache, eat for health and energy, body confidence, knowing you are giving yourself the ultimate in self care and empowered with knowledge.

I would love to answer your questions and share experiences of what you will be doing in the class and the benefits to your life on a free call with you. <<<<< Speak to you soon and see you in the next courses starting in May in Prenton, Neston, Crosby and Southport.

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