Who You Gonna Call…?

Who You Gonna Call..?

slimer ghostbusters


Not sure if I am looking forward to the remake but my 4 year old mini me and I LOVE the original film. She was seriously beyond excited to find it in a charity shop on DVD. Who on earth would give away their Ghostbusters DVD?!

It all worked perfectly, bonus and we started watching it. Her favourite character is Slimer, but she is a huge fan of the first ghost lady in the library. Go figure!!

Love the story, the good guys have their idea, follow through with it and keep on at it. They have to overcome challenges and eventually a big battle and guess what, they win! The ghosties get busted. Kissing. Cheers. Happy Mayor and they all smile to camera ready to live happily ever after………do they?

In the second film they have disbanded and been pretty much discredited. The council and those in charge don’t want to know them anymore and throw official paperwork at them to get rid. Some have even been doing kids parties.

As we watched them in a Ghostbusters fest over the weekend together, i reflected on how this is how many of our own lives feel at some point. Success at a diet…then slip back…success at weight loss…then a plateau…success in lifting classes and heavier weights…then unable to increase the weight as regularly.  Even in business, we succeed and fail…and so the cycle goes.

Those who work with me on our 3R Holistic Core Restore® courses have great results…then once they leave tend to let it slip a little. Life takes over but they got great results when they were doing the stuff. Why stop doing what worked? So these ladies sometimes get back in contact for a quick reminder and then get back on it because they have the toolkit and can build on it whenever they need to go back to following the course again at home, or with us.

There are no quick fixes with us. Ladies work with us knowing they are putting the importance on themselves and their own core with the understanding of how and why.

I keep on following my core values. No huge classes where you can slip to the back. No large classes where you can be missed if you lack the correct form. No feeling out of place. The group sessions are small for these very reasons.

We are strengthening our core. Our stability, flexibility, strength, confidence are all part of it. For some who attend it is a personal choice rather than a ‘flatter tummy’. All have no expectations of it being a drop a dress size so all exceed their expectations and are pleasantly pleased with results that they achieve. Perhaps 12cm lost around the waist, or perhaps diastasis tummy muscle gap closing by half in 6 weeks. Increasing self care strategies used at home and improvements in body confidence and nutrition. Knowing that if they ever start to feel confidence lacking then they know what to do.

Core muscles are muscles. They need working FOR LIFE. Get the foundation knowledge here and then it’s really up to you if you choose to leave and stop doing the work. You will plateau out until you return to the core principles.

These women know a fitness bargain when they see it>>>

You can find the contact box to book yourself a call to see what you can do to get started now, and to see when and where the next courses are on in May.

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