If You Are One Of The Interested , You Need To Act Fast…

Pictures speak a thousand words don’t they

Be part of this proven system to get your tummy back and have a stronger core safely and effectively with lifestyle tools you can use. Neston Community Centre-1

The room I’m hiring can comfortable fit a small group. There will be some movement as you experience some of the exercises so it will only be a small group at the workshop. Once the numbers have been reached i can’t accept more. The next one will be at least a month away.
I don’t want you missing out , so I am giving you a quick shout out to see if you cam make it.  Or if you know someone who might benefit from attending then let them know too.

Attending the workshop will not make you bankrupt but it will stop you attending classes or doing fad diets that will not help you and may cost you wasted money.  Find out why when you attend.

You know what they say about those who snooze…Be a winner and join us here >>> http://www.3rholistictherapies.co.uk/our-services/prices/booking-in/

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