Release the tension

Being on call 24/7 is pretty stressful, especially if you are doing it on your own. Then when you get to sit down after ‘bedtime’ you are completely shattered.

Or is it just me!?!

How about some of those aches and pains that you just ‘put up with’?
Have you seen the videos on the Facebook page about how you can release some tension just using a tennis ball.
I love those spiky balls for my feet but a tennis ball is just as good. Behind your shoulder blades, feet, bum. So many muscles you can massage with it.

If you have a foam roller too then they are excellent way of massaging.

Lower back pain. Fancy a stretch to release some of that tension in the area? From childs pose move your hands into a 10 o clock and 2 o clock position and you will feel the stretch in your lower back.

Did you try it? Great huh?!

If you want to know some more simple to do stretches and releases…

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