Mars Attacks on Independence Day with The Men In Black

You know how it goes

Humans are often the ones that get vaporized in some form.

I mean, really…go up on the roof to welcome a spaceship that just hovers above.
I know we all need to look on the bright side, not judge, be open etc etc but there also needs to be some degree of common sense!

For those wanting common sense and qualified specialist advice and training come to my next Holistic Core Restore® Workshop on May 4th in Neston!!

( Do you see what I did there!!)

That’s why I do what I do. Bring education, empowerment to us ladies so we are not taken in by other people making  promises or just highlighting the sparkly side of things, what you want to hear. Some even outright lie, often because they actually have no training or qualifications.

Preying on our insecurities so we feel they understand them and we get suckered into believing it all. I’m not saying everyone is bad, far from it I know a couple of great businesses, Ok i know loads who offer safe advice but they are qualified to give the advice.
Its not your fault you don’t know what you don’t know, so I will help you learn it and pass it on.

If you have been following me and actually read these newsletters then you know how strongly I feel about ladies being taken for a ride with false promises and some of these companies have landed infront of me again.
Do i ignore and let them do their stuff…or do i look out for you and correct on the actual facts.

Seriously. Pills and shakes are the way to lose weight, have a toned tummy and feel great, nutritional advice coming from people with zero nutritional qualifications, barefoot will reverse bunions, trampolining will actually help your pelvic floor. Exercising in sling classes with your baby is the ok as long as you have had your 6 week Doctors check.


I despair at the advice some of these so called professionals, businesses and experts dish out.

Please do check for actual experience and training and qualifications from people. I don’t just mean in the wellbeing arena, in life too.

Would you leave your car with the bloke opposite who said he did a bit of work on his mates a bit ago and thinks he knew what he was doing?

Do you leave your kids with someone you don’t know in a shop. No we take them to schools ( unless you homeschool) where there are guidelines, CRB checks and routines and qualified experienced people.

So this week, I finally decided to wade in and make my actual expert knowledge, knowledge in some of these. You can imagine the repercussions.
Do i regret it, partly , because I am not a confrontational person but no. People giving unqualified advice is not going to end well in most cases, and I can’t stand by and do nothing.
So here is my experienced and qualified advice.

See a professional for your core problems. If you want a better functioning pelvic floor, a firmer flatter tummy, abdominals again, less back ache, fewer leaks, more confidence, less shoulder ache, more energy…..Make yourself a date on the phone with me. Let’s chat and I can put some myths to rest and get you pointed in the right direction.

This email is not my usual and its a bit of a rant but people need to know this stuff.

Here’s the link to book your place on the workshop on May 4th in Neston via paypal. You can also find the form here to book yourself in a call to discuss anything you read about here and see what you can do to improve where you feel you are at right now.

PS. I know it’s an afternoon and I am in discussions to hold an evening talk because so many of you would find it easier, so watch this space for news.

PPS; if you think I should be less or more vocal about this sort of thing please let me know.

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