What’s the one thing that’s common but not normal?

I recently had a ‘conversation’ on social media and as often does due to my somewhat specific area of work, it turned towards joking about peeing, and how the mums turn it into a joke.

Is it a joke though? Its no joke to be afraid of doing something because of what might happen? Or if you actually do do it and it does leak out, its embarrassing.

Yes, its common but is it normal? NO.

We, as mums need to have a body that functions normally.

Does it really matter if our tummy is not as flat as it used to be, as long as it is strong underneath, which will hep with improving the firmness. Pooching could mean Diastasis and that can be helped. Showing our daughters that its ok to be us. Who we are. Be fit and healthy yes, but ultimately to have a body that functions incredibly well. Fit for purpose.

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