The Emperor’s New Clothes

You know the story…and yes this is my book from my childhood with the really worn edges!

Reading this earlier and I got to thinking about how we all pretend it’s all good, even if it’s not. No one else is saying it so we don’t either. We don’t see or talk about the elephant in the room sometimes.

My work revolves around helping mums feel and be stronger in their core; which directly positively affects the look of the tummy, the function of the pelvic floor, the back, the shoulders, the posture, the eating habits, the lifestyle, the quietness…the list could go on about the positive benefits of having a stronger functional core.

We can often have the wrong view of our ‘core’. Many think it is our 6 pack muscles. Some realise it’s more than that but not sure what. Some are not aware the pelvic floor is part of it. Some are less aware of their pelvic floor than they should be. Some understand the importance of their core but only partially. Our invisible clothes are our core function.

Yet. So many don’t look at the actual core function. Many just opt for a quick fix. There are various methods out there which will NOT actually repair the issue.

We tend to sweep the weak pelvic floor related conversations under the carpet. Except Kate Winslet who openly admitted to jumping + weak pelvic floor = accidents.
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