If you think you need to do more exercises classes then you might be wrong

Bold statement I know.

Hear me out.

If you are after the flatter tummy, sculpted abs, then you often think i need to do more. The combat, the body pump, the abs blast, legs bums tums….the list could and possibly is endless.

However if you are wanting exercises that will really work your core. Strengthen it. Help your core to support your body, help your back, your abdominals, your legs, your posture, your breathing, your achy shoulders. Maybe even find some tense muscles and areas and help to release the tension to relax them, to enable them to function optimally. Then maybe, just maybe all those classes are not going to get you what you are after.

‘What?’ I hear you say.

Let’s talk tummy. You want a firmer flatter tummy so you do sit ups because that’s what you do. Right?
Perhaps not.
Let me explain.

When you do sit ups, or a plank do you ever have that little poochy bit of tummy that just bulges out. Well that is because your deep abdominal muscles are not strong enough to keep it in. So every time you do these sorts of exercises, it puts extreme pressure onto a weak core and something has to give.

Have you seen the video i did on the Facebook page all about why not to do crunches? go look right now if you haven’t. Follow this link .

What you need to do is exercise that targets your core and treats it holistically. So to have a fit and functioning core is the goal of 3R courses.

Managing the internal pressure in your core will lead to the results you really want. It’s not a quick fix and you won’t have the results in just 6 weeks but will have noticeable improvements and just as importantly you will know and understand what to do and what not to do. And WHY. You can of course, choose to stay on and do further courses. I do. And just think how my core is appreciating that choice.
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