Embracing uniqueness.

Have you ever looked back at an old school photo and wondered what on earth was going through your head to go with hair like that?! I did exactly this at the weekend. Finding a treasure trove of those passport sized photos and amused I posted one up on my personal Facebook page. The number of people commenting and remembering me like that was staggering.

Embarrassing actually.

See. I have curly hair and it took 18 years to stop fighting it. You can imagine what dry brushing does!! Big fuzzy hair, mullets, banana clips pulled so tight surrounded by billions of hair grips to control the unruly hair. Plus, these were the days before hair products were designed to control curls. I only had Brylcream for the wet look, yuck!.

I wanted to be like everyone else. They had straight hair.

I embraced my curls in Finland in my time as an Au pair there. I was unique, again the only one with curly hair but they LOVED it. Instead of viewing it as something that was special and unique I hated it and wanted to be like everyone else. Suddenly my uniqueness was admired.

Nothing had changed except the way I saw myself.
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