We have to be happy within.

I spend so much time worrying about ‘what ifs’ that you have to actively remember to be present.

I do get kinda fed up of the eternally optimistic and forever gloriously happy without a single worry posts and status’ that Facebook provides us with.
Who is happy with their body?
No really, all of it. Every wrinkle, grey, bump and roll?

Not me. However I am pretty happy with it.
Do you focus on the grey hair when you look in the mirror, or the fact that you have gorgeous sparkly eyes and an easy smile that makes your eyes smile too?

When you look in the mirror do you see the tummy that bulges and have fond memories of life when it didn’t look like that? Perhaps you could see that you want to make some changes and be a stronger mum.
I’m not saying don’t exercise. I’m merely saying love yourself however you look right now.

You can have a goal like losing weight, baby bulge, flatter tummy. How about a goal of stronger form the inside out. Incidentally this will also help with the external things too. Taking steps to achieving a stronger core WILL give you a firmer flatter tummy, fewer leaks, body confidence, healthier eating habits, less shoulder and back ache through better posture and no more ‘sucking it in’ in certain classes because you won’t need to. Your body is pretty awesome, it will heal and recover itself, you just have to learn how to allow it.

A stronger core wont get rid of your grey hairs but you will feel more confident about yourself and this will reflect through.
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