Beckham to the Rescue

Did you read about how David Beckham has bailed out his wife Victoria recently. Her fashion label hasn’t done as well as expected and he helped her out.

Even mega famous rich people have little hiccups along the way, whether they splashed out on an expensive piece of art or just some bad decisions.
What can you give up that is not doing you any favours, whether it is lifestyle choices, way too much chocolate, or exercise that is not getting you where you want or need to be. Can you give up some of those high impact activities that are not helping your core?

I don’t feel any loss at giving up those combat classes or the abs blast classes that spent much of the time preaching about crunches and planks. I never do them now and have better abs than I did a few years ago. It’s not me being a part of those classes, and it didn’t and wont get me the results I wanted and needed. I wanted a strong core.

A strong core that can do its job.

My posture is always slipping, hey, I’m human, but I do notice and correct it at every opportunity. Sitting on my fitball at the computer right now because it gets my core actively engaged while typing. Yes, I can still slouch but its harder to remain stable on the ball.
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