Stressed out by Stress…?

Ever feel like your days are just a copy of the previous day, same routine and the same things stress you out. Stress doesn’t have to a be a biggie, it can be all those little things that just mount up. Traffic jams, running out of milk, getting a larger than expected bill, an unexpected car repair bill, teething children, worrying about. Do you sometime feel like it’s the last straw when something happens? All this low level stress keeps our stress hormone, Cortisol, raised higher than it should be which can have a negative effect on us.

Do you want to fell less stressed, sleep better and learn some little ways to just find more down time in your day. Restful is as important as active. Taking time out for you to focus on YOU is just as important as eating healthily and exercising. By not making this time we tell ourselves ‘We’ll do it later’ or that it’s not important. You then start to believe your own self talk and don’t take the time to take time out for YOURSELF. Especially important as a mum. You are so busy taking care of everyone else.

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