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 Reiki Therapist, Energy Healing, Spiritual Astrologer, Chakra Balancing, Intuitive Energy Healing, 121 Personal Training Programmes, Pre and Post Natal qualified, Pelvic Floor and Holistic Core Restore® trained, Abdominal Separation rehab for woman across East Riding of Yorkshire, and beyond.

B Fitness and Wellbeing is proud to specialise in women’s fitness and wellbeing.

Female fitness training programmes to build a strong foundation through a restorative fitness approach to create a stronger core.

Energy Healing balancing your energy flow from the roots up.

Spiritual Astrology can help you to understand the layers of your personality and can increase self awareness to facilitate personal growth.

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Take a look around the website to see what we can offer you, from Reiki Energy Healing to tailored fitness programmes or a deeper understanding of your personal astrology.

 I would love to help you reconnect with your body to be stronger from the inside out.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how you can get started, and what you CAN do to strengthen your pelvic floor.  If you need to find a little space of calm to boost your energy, or just a little advice chatting on the phone….

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Discover your inner strength and transform your life from the inside out.

Women’s Fitness and Wellbeing Coach

Biddie is an experienced and passionate coach who loves to help women just like you to live fabulous functional and confident, lives feeling empowered in their own bodies and minds.

As a single mum she totally understands how tough it is trying to decide what’s important; juggling the shopping, washing, homework and ‘me time’ and fulfilling the various roles that we play in our daily life.

She approaches all of her coaching with a very sympathetic and realistic outlook as she feels that every woman needs to know more about their body and how to support it, so that it can in turn support you for life.  She loves to help women create the space in their lives to become stronger, fitter and healthier, both physically, emotionally and mentally.
Whether you want to improve your general fitness, improve your core strength, or have a more specific goal like closing an abdominal separation from a diastasis or strengthening your pelvic floor and increasing bladder confidence there is support. You might be experiencing increased levels of stress or anxiety or patterns of behaviour that she can scan your energy and help discover any blockages to release. Your personal birth chart might help you understand more about your life and personality, showing where you are ready to shine.
Biddie knows that your journey is unique to YOU and will make it achievable in her safe, effective, supportive environment.


Time to reclaim your core, control and confidence with my FREE 12 DAY ONLINE COURSE

In recent years there have been many studies, and we may have experience of how our mind, body and soul are connected and how our emotions might be creating behaviour patterns. We understand when we feel angry and stressed that we start to see more that makes us stressed and our body tightens up ( including the pelvic floor). We might start to gain weight and produce excess cortisol if this level of stress remains for long lengths of time. We can feel lost and confused or lacking in energy which could be a result of blockages in our own flow of energy within. When we feel happy and calm, we relax and see more reasons to have fun.

Our bodies are a projection of our deep emotions and energy within. Understanding and recognising how our inner self is projected out can help increase the sense of balance in our life and control emotions. We can’t be forced into making changes until we feel and know on a deeper level that it is the right time to do it, so this coaching style may not be right for you now, it depends on your own soul journey. True healing can take place and we can help you reconnect with yourself and bring healing and balance back into your life.

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