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This is the foundation to your fitness and wellbeing

121 Personal Training Programmes, Specialist Programmes, Reiki Therapist, Pre and Post Natal qualified, Pelvic Floor and Holistic Core Restore®, Abdominal Separation rehab for everywoman across East Riding of Yorkshire.

B Fitness and Wellbeing is proud to specialise in women’s fitness and wellbeing.

We offer training programmes to women in all life stages, including post natal to menopause.

* Diastasis Recti healing and repair
* Post natal rehab and strengthening
* Stronger core and pelvic floor function in real life
* Release tense muscles for reduced back and shoulder aches
* Perimenopause and menopause fitness
* Returning to fitness after Prolapse or surgery
* Impact, high intensity training progressions

To reclaim your core, control and confidence then heal your way past what’s not working and find a deeper stronger foundation in our free online course; http://bfitnessandwellbeing.co.uk/12-days

As a single mum, I understand how tough it is trying to decide what’s important; juggling the shopping, washing, homework and ‘me time’ and fulfilling the various roles we play in our daily life.
I love what I do, seeing and hearing how positive the changes are in the women who work with me. I feel every woman needs to know more about their body and how to support it so it can support you for life. I can help you create the space in your life to do this so you are central to our work together and your life.
I know I can’t make changes without listening to my body and starting from where I am at, and that is exactly how I approach your coaching too. This is why our programmes are short, low impact and highly effective meaning you can easily fit it into your day. We incorporate down training into our fitness programmes releasing muscular tension by using self-massage, myofascial movement and simple meditation strategies to support your inner wellbeing.

Whether you want to improve your general fitness, improve your core strength or have a more specific goal like closing an abdominal separation from a diastasis or strengthening your pelvic floor and increasing bladder confidence. Your fitness journey is unique to YOU and achievable in our safe, effective, supportive environment whatever your goals are.

I am also a Reiki Practitioner helping you rediscover relaxation, remove negativity and toxic energy and rebalance yourself in our busy stressful lives by removing energy blocks which may be causing pain, stress or tiredness.. Energetic Reiki therapy is ideal for supporting and reboosting your energy. This can help with tiredness, lack of energy, stress and promote a general feeling of wellbeing, feeling restored and rebalanced. Reiki helps to keep the energy flowing through your body and can promote a sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Take a look around the website to see what we can offer you, from our Reiki Energy Healing to our tailored Holistic Core Restore® programmes, I would love to help you reconnect with your body to be stronger from the inside out.

So get in touch to find out how you can get started and what you CAN do to strengthen your pelvic floor, or if you need to find a little space of calm to boost your energy , or just a little advice chatting on the phone.

“The Reiki itself allowed me to switch off from all the daily stresses, and just enjoy taking time out for me. I also slept far better afterwards than I had in months”

“ Biddie really boosted my body confidence in a way that no other gym trainer has. We women should be encouraged to do something about woops moments instead of rushing out to buy Tena Lady pads ”

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