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Welcome to our specialist female fitness programmes.

Female bodies are amazing. We have the ability to create other human beings which is supported by a flow of feminine energy but many women withdraw from this wisdom. There are increasing numbers of women embracing this and stepping into their power; finding out more about themselves physically through our fitness programmes where we take a truly feminine approach to your fitness and wellbeing through specific exercise and nurturing stillness. If you are ready to tap into your mind, body and spirit and truly, deeply re-connect with your body then our gentle yet effective yoga inspired fitness programmes are your next step.

Together, we focus on your core foundation which can improve mind, life and body. We value being stronger from the inside out, similar to our Energy Healing where we work from your centre, your root, your foundations and build from there, we follow the same principles with our fitness so you experience fewer leaks, stronger core, improved balance and burn calories in a female centered restorative fitness coaching.

Whether you want to improve your general fitness, improve your core strength or have a more specific goal like closing an abdominal separation from a diastasis or strengthening your pelvic floor and increasing bladder confidence. Your fitness journey is unique to you and achievable in our safe, effective, supportive environment whatever your goals are.

Find out how these courses can help you and which programme would best suit you…there is something for everyone!!

Many of us wonder how to stay happy and calm in an all consuming world that zooms past us, there are demands on our time in every direction, especially women, mothers. There is a social expectation to be amazing at everything and if we are not then we can feel like a failure. We are bombarded with images of the meals we should make, the clothes to wear, the amount of sleep we need, various products, or not, how much and what is the best exercise, how to get a flat toned tummy and then how we should always do what feels right for yourself!

 How do you keep on going as if nothing is wrong when you are falling apart inside?

 How do you stop yourself from going into a panic when you know it serves no purpose?

How do I tone my tum to feel confident and reduce leaks?

Reaching the conclusion that you can’t learn everything and intellect isn’t everything, understanding ourselves is equally important and paying close attention to the signs the body is telling us, like intuition and following a ‘gut feeling’ on things, or understanding when our body is crying out for support. Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as just to ‘think positive’ and it will all be ok. Certain negative emotions can become hardwired in our brains and body and our emotional state can be experienced in the body through symptoms like shortness of breath, muscle tightness, allergies or exhaustion…or pelvic floor dysfunction.

After experiencing pelvic floor problems after giving birth and my concerns being brushed off, I decided it was up to me to find out more and do what I could.  Years later I discovered that my pelvic floor was not weak , as I first thought, it was too tense and unable to relax which also presented many of the same symptoms of pelvic floor weakness. This is also common for women who have experienced abuse which made me more determined to heal myself so I could help more women reconnect with themselves.  I have survived abusive relationships and the decades of experiencing all the elements of coercive control, gaslighting and the fear had destroyed any self of self I had. Learning to release tension and listen to my body, helped me create these fitness and wellbeing programmes for you. This all led me into becoming qualified as a Reiki Practitioner and my ongoing learning with Crystals and to further learn what’s going on in the body and brain when certain emotions come up like anger or fear, highlighting how an emotional state can be a clue to a physical symptom.  Emotional wellness is a route for healing and we can connect this energy flow through our centres of energy; chakra’s. Using the body helps to see how interconnected our emotions, thoughts and health are.

As a single mum, I understand how challenging life can be but I am truly starting to understand the benefits of surviving the challenges life throws at you, because we can use them to climb higher and learn more about ourselves. Sometimes we are not ready to take the steps we need to take but there will be another opportunity to progress once you are ready and I would love to help you.

We all have our own story to tell and yours may have chapters on bladder weakness,or constant back ache, or an inability to speak up and be heard, feeling unwelcome or out of place, anxiety, helplessness, and more.  Here is where the energy centres/ chakra’s come in. Each chakra corresponds to an area within the physical body, so an emotion could be said to affect an area of the body. The first chakra can be related to blood and bones and the health of the family. The second chakra could be to do with reproductive organs or bladder and emotionally associated with love or money concerns and the third centre is related to the stomach, liver or metabolism and emotionally influenced by self esteem or not feeling good enough. Then we have the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakra associations. Looking at the areas of the body where problems appear could highlight emotional patterns. Your body will let you know what emotional areas need some work by showing you health problems that need resolving. For example  it might be that digestion, body image or weight is an area of concern then it’s time to ask yourself how your job is? How is self esteem? What parts of your body do you hate? Do you like yourself or find anything attractive about yourself?   Using Intuitive healing alongside Reiki can help  you rediscover relaxation, remove negativity and help you feel more balanced in the busy world we live in. It can help identify areas causing pain, stress or tiredness and keep the energy flowing smoothly through the body to promote a sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

This is not the only solution by any means but not one to be lightly dismissed and it’s never as simple as just repeating a few affirmations and thinking positive but it does provide an alternative path alongside other treatments as you learn how the emotional health can play a part in the physical health. Healing can not be done in isolation, it is part of a bigger connection.

I love what I do, seeing and hearing how positive the changes are in the women who work with me. I feel every woman needs to know more about their body and how to support it so it can support you for life. I can help you create the space in your life to do this so you are central to our work together and your life.
I know I can’t make changes without listening to my body and starting from where I am at, and that is exactly how I approach your coaching too. This is why our programmes are short, low impact and highly effective meaning you can easily fit it into your day. We incorporate down training into our fitness programmes releasing muscular tension by using self-massage, myofascial movement and simple meditation strategies to support your inner wellbeing.
Whether you want to improve your general fitness, improve your core strength or have a more specific goal like closing an abdominal separation from a diastasis or strengthening your pelvic floor and increasing bladder confidence. Your journey is unique to YOU and achievable in our safe, effective, supportive environment whatever your goals are.


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